Kira: value.

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known that the names have an impact on their owners.So it is very interesting to learn the history of people's names.You want to give his daughter to Kira, or want to learn more about yourself?Then this article is for you!Let's find out what is fraught with the name Kira value?

name came to us from the Greek language.In the first version, from the ancient word "Kyrie", which means "lady" or "mistress."In Greek mythology, was the name of the daughter of the king of the Lapiths Gipseya, great-granddaughter of the Ocean, keeper of flocks, a bold hunter, Thessalian fairy forest inhabitant.According to another version the name formed from the male Cyrus.

Cyrus - value.The man's name with complex

a child baby very stubborn, restless and recalcitrant.She often argues with his parents, caregivers, teachers, so they it is difficult to establish relations.The only person who listens to a girl - it's her grandmother.

When Cyrus growing up, her behavior does not improve.This person is constantly striving to prove to themselves and others that it is the best.Because of its nature it is also the most difficult to account for communicating with other people.It is worth noting that the girl is very intelligent, strong-willed, sensible and, at the same time, powerful, harsh.Its strongest feature is the ability in the event of difficult situations and losses going forward, undismayed.

Cyrus - value.Name purposeful nature

girl responsible attitude towards learning, preferring to mathematics, physics and other sciences.He likes to read and play sports.Often he chooses a profession in science.Her great determination and analytical mind to help achieve success in your career or business.It can be a wonderful owner.

What is the name for a family of Cyrus?

to examining the individual fans are showing great interest in the opposite sex.Among them, it is easily distinguished from hypocrites sincere people.However, in no hurry to build relationships, he prefers to remain independent longer.Not every man can wait for her on reciprocity, finally winning the trust because an opinion about this or that person, it generates a long time, but very firmly, and then it is unlikely to change even in principle.Choosing a spouse, the woman creates a prosperous family, it will be very practical, neat and welcoming hostess.

behavior and personality may differ from when it was Cyrus was born.If this happened in the summer, the less sociable girl, she likes to spend some time alone, she does not seek to create a family.Instead, he devotes all his time to work.Summer Kira - an excellent organizer and leader.If she was born in the autumn, it is more sociable, soft and unobtrusive.

Cyrus - value.Name in the language of astrology

  1. Planet Pluto is the guardian.
  2. color - orange.
  3. Stone Charm - Amber.
  4. plant Charm - Orchid and Melissa.
  5. animal mascot - a deer and a cat.
  6. auspicious day - Friday.

for a family it is more appropriate man, whose name is Lazarus and Klim.It is more difficult to build a relationship with Clement, Casimir, Modest, Paramonov, Moses, Leonard, Maximilian and Modesto.

Now you know what it means to the name of Cyrus!