How to attract good luck: tips and tricks

Since ancient times, people believed that luck is not a random event, and therefore born lot of ways on how to lure luck and good fortune in their lives.Today we try to understand some of them.

How to attract good luck : laws of the universe

In one exercise, in order to make your life full and harmonious, it is necessary to live in accordance with the laws of the universe.So, in order to attract good luck and fortune should follow the following laws: Attraction, measures and hesitation.

According to the Law of Attraction, all human thoughts have energy, attracting into our lives what we think.Therefore, if our thoughts are focused on the good and positive things, then they are with us and will happen.And if we think of the negative phenomena in the future anything good we should not wait.

legal action is interpreted as the need to refer to events correctly.In particular, this applies to interpersonal relations.In other words, if you do good, you will be more than rewarded for it.Therefore, if you are constantly in my life to help people, then you do not have to think about the question of how to attract good luck, because the universe will help you seamlessly.

Act Vibrations bit similar to the law of attraction lies in the fact that the circumstances are attracted into our lives according to our emotional state.It is not enough simply to do good: to do it sincerely.Therefore, always back up their actions with love, hope, kindness and sincerity.

How to attract good luck : advice of psychologists

Tips psychologists have much in common with the recommendations on compliance with the laws of the universe, but they are mainly focused on working on yourself, not on human relations.Thus, answering the question of how to attract luck, modern psychology recommends the following:

  1. Set yourself one important goal.
  2. act according to the plan, but always try it a little bit, but exceeded.
  3. In any situation, control your thoughts and emotions.
  4. Try to benefit from any events in your life.
  5. Become an optimist.

Also, many people believe that in order to attract into your life good luck enough to use some objects have magical powers.Let's find out what the symbols or signs, attracting good luck, were invented by mankind.

  1. Four Leaf Clover.This plant is not only considered a symbol of luck and fortune, but also heralds the one who finds it, finding a great love, health and wealth.
  2. Money Tree.Today, this plant can be purchased at almost any store that sells flowers.It will not only bring success to its owner, but also help as quickly as possible to achieve financial well-being.
  3. Lily.It is believed that if early in the morning to pick a flower lily of the valley, and to present it to his friend, the luck did not take long.
  4. Horseshoe.Perhaps the Horseshoe is one of the most popular characters, predicting success.Hang it in the house or carry, and you're bound to get lucky, and lucky man.

important role to attract luck in our lives and around us play of color.So, let's see, what color attracts good luck:

  1. Orange.This color is the best anti-depressant: it soothes and helps to make the right decision in a difficult situation.
  2. Yellow.This color is a symbol of mentality.Therefore objects around you will contribute to the yellow color of mental activity.
  3. Green.This color represents harmony, as well as cash flow.Surround yourself with green items, and at your door very soon knock not only luck but also the financial well-being.