Small in stature, but not the spirit!

value named Paul translated from Latin sounds a bit rude - "small".However, not that he and the "small"!This name gives its owner the fuse to express themselves and stand up for themselves, regardless of their growth!About this talk.

value named Paul

man of character

character of this young man is quite difficult, but to communicate with them is still possible.Paul looks like a benefactor as a good helper, but he is rarely pleased with the outcome of any case or your own ingenuity.Beauty and truth - these two components of his life, which is sure to put into the name of Paul.

What is that name?

Paul - a man who considers every step.Spontaneous acts almost there.He is very patient.If necessary, Paul always wait, and as much as you need it.If it is to encourage and support in a good mood, it can be quite selfless workers from all that can be!

The owner of the name knows how to set specific goals.And this applies to both professional and personal life.And, most surprisingly, he always achieves them!Here's a he - master of his fate, Paul!

name value indicates increased excitability of its owner.He is very sensitive to anything that somehow touches it, his property, people close to him.This person absolutely can not forgive offenses.Because of this, he is very vindictive.Revenge it may long to give pleasure.

Professional meaning of the name Paul

holders of the name is fairly easy given absolutely any business.First of all, they - the intellectuals.Paul's outlook is very wide.This man just loves to impress people.That's why he has a weakness for oratory.Paul's approach professions related to diktorstvom (such as radio or TV presenter).In addition, they are perfectly manifest themselves in working with people.

At home ...

value named Paul in ordinary everyday life can make him a real gossip or bouncer in the event that this person can not be realized professionally.Then he becomes "pustolaykoy" can not even keep your mouth shut.This is not the young man who once fascinated others.However, this does not happen if a young man finds time to apply their professional abilities!

relations with women

for the fairer sex, Paul - is the very charm, darling.He trusts almost any woman.It can rely on him in solving various personal problems.Paul, in turn, willingly and with interest trying to please her!

Name day Paul

Day Venerable Paul of Thebes (the patron saint of all men with the same name) falls on January 28.This person - the first Christian, who lived in the desert and, in spite of his reclusive, has died at the age of 113 years ... Day of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul falls on July 12 as the day of their namesakes - Nicene bishops Saints (also Peterand Paul) falls on September 23.