Robert Fletcher - notorious American businessman

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defendants in the high-profile case in Ukraine, associated with fraud in a large scale, has become another "Mavrodi" American style.Notorious businessman Robert Fletcher this year released on bail.Millionaire Mentor continues to "educate" the activities of the new system of business training.

Some facts from the biography

About Robert Fletcher goes a lot of myths, rumors, but reliable information is not much.This is what is known about his biography.

Childhood Fletcher to 8 years have passed in Alaska, Russian culture was so close to him.In the city where he grew up, there were many Orthodox churches.Robert went to school "Cossacks conquerors."In addition to his family, the mother and stepfather had two brothers.He worked 14 years in the production of canned fish, produces leather in our own workshop.In 16 years, he moved to the native father.Study in Washington, combined with a part-time job at McDonald's.Fatal for the young man was visiting a seminar on sales and familiarity with the millionaire who made a fortune traveling the world and teaching others.Then Robert realized that there are easy ways to earn money.

According to legend, Robert Fletcher was a millionaire in 22 years.How is it managed?According to the stories of the American broker-realtor Martin Alcala, personally familiar with Fletcher, Robert was the founder of several little-known firms.The basis of their work was a multi-level marketing.Prominent representatives in MLM-business are the "Amway", "Mary Kay", but unlike them well-known companies and Fletcher did not.

As Fletcher "bankrupt" in the US

American businessman Fletcher with partners repeatedly opened and closed dozens of companies in the United States, in any case remained with the money, but signed by his people always lose invested in his company's money.Later, Robert became interested in real estate, he began working in the field of investments in real estate.

the Internet you can find everything about a businessman mentor, bankrupt 10 million of debt.The US Commission on Securities and Exchange Commission issued another lawsuit in 2007, accusing Robert in a multimillion scam.From 2003 to 2005 he served as director of the company "ProVision" actively "lured" investors' money.All raised funds spent on personal needs: luxury living, luxury shopping, casino.

Robert Fletcher, according to the conclusion of the commission, deceived investors, talking about the successful operation and development of the company.He said that thanks to this buy yachts, real estate, 137 million. Dollars spent on the purchase of non-existent a few tons of the mineral called "hyumeyt."The Commission ordered Robert to pay a fine and a lifetime to give up any management positions in public companies.In addition, Fletcher was accused of online trade in fake stocks and literary cheating.Persona non grata in the US impure into the hands of a businessman in this regard did not, the country did not send it.

Pyramid schemes and MLM-business - what is it?

financial pyramid is to attract depositors' funds in the fictitious project which is always lower than the yield rate to attract investment.The project is not able to ensure the payment of dividends, interest for all investors.As a result, for this purpose, the funds invested by new investors.Such a company would inevitably comes to bankruptcy, swelling like a soap bubble.When it bursts, the losers are the latest investors.

MLM-business - what is it?It is an attraction of an unlimited number of clients and partners for the implementation of any products, goods through the network, that is, the team followers and associates.The main difference between the company's network, making it possible to conduct a real MLM-business is the availability of the product sold by the structure: cosmetics, household goods, health, etc.Pyramids, disguised as a network of companies selling "air", ie do not produce anything like the organization Fletcher.

Financial pyramids in Ukraine

activities Fletcher in 2006 led to the misappropriation of funds more than 3,000 Ukrainian citizens.The result of his company became a damage worth hundreds of millions of dollars.For this he was tried under article "fraud" (MC).

a free seminar GST (of training) is offered to pay a course entitled "How to become rich" (value from 1 to 5 thousand dollars).People at these events show held more than a day.Many workshops were held at night, when most people suggestible.After "processing" Client offers camping to invest in any of the three dozen projects and to receive dividends of up to 300% per annum.Robert Fletcher repeatedly said that the shares of his company will soon begin to trade on the London Stock Exchange.

Giving money or coach to Fletcher, mountain-depositor received a receipt for a receipt!It contained information and the amount of profit that the person will be given a receipt in the future to obtain funds invested in the project.Additionally, instead of contracts drawn up memoranda with obligations of the parties, just fixing their intentions.Let us work together - well, no - one will not return the money.Discounts for education, higher dividends promised to attract other students, which is one of the signs of the financial pyramid.

phony GST

projects Many projects Fletcher: yacht clubs, airlines, mines, garages, construction of houses in Turkey and the other did not exist at all, people showed a colorful illustration.Pizza chain "Maximus" actually turned out to diner a couple of tables, and the project "Azov resort" - the old summer camp.One of the myths Fletcher - a fictional acquaintance with Robert Kiyosaki.In fact, they were not close friends or business partners.

Activity "training system" did not cease during the period of his release and the millionaire-mentor in jail from 2008 to 2015.Robert Fletcher, "preached" even on the phone from the camera.Recently peers GST actively attracting depositors via the Internet, offering to invest in the construction of new buildings.


GST is not by chance has become the object of attention of experts in the field of sectarianism.This organization is a psychological cult, offers ideas for a round sum.Investors who have suffered at the hands of the American swindler, do not believe that it is necessary to apply to the police, and no matter what await the promised profit.They continue to believe that Fletcher sent by the Creator to teach them how to make millions.