Child and adolescent smoking - what should parents do?

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Even smoking parents do not want their children to become addicted to cigarettes at school.However, child and adolescent smoking - the phenomenon is so widespread that many families still facing him.

What should parents do in this situation, how to behave, so that the child did not start smoking?And how to respond if the student has already tried cigarettes?

Firstly, empirically proven - no penalty, no attempt to frighten, threats do not help parents protect their children from smoking.More often - on the contrary, the greater the restrictions, the more attractive for the child to be cigarettes.

must be remembered - if a child has ispytavaet desire to try smoking, it certainly does, sooner or later, in a particular place, a secret from their parents.Therefore, wishing to protect their offspring from harmful habits need to start to form the child's attitude to smoking long before the student entice the "forbidden fruit."

What can be done until the baby is not yet tried smoking?

long as the child has not yet started to smoke, you have to try to form his parents right attitude to smoking.

1. Before you start to converse about the dangers of smoking is to quit rodiletyam themselves, otherwise they will spoil his example all the impression from these conversations.It is known that the majority of children and young people smoking there is in families where one or both parents smoke.

2. Explain the hazards of smoking should be calm, trusting conversations, not intimidating or threatening, just giving the facts, statistics and, if necessary, unpleasant examples and photos.

3. How would any parent worried about this issue should not be allowed abuse, blackmail, clerk colors and all sorts of threats in conversations about smoking.Children, and especially - teenagers, can rebel, and in spite of parents to start smoking.

4. Parents can tell children some stories from his own past, associated with smoking, and the fact that many are trying to smoke in the school, but not all necessarily turn this experience into a habit.

child smokes - what to do?

If parents have learned that their child has tried or started smoking, the first cases we must try to understand the reason for such behavior.

Usually children try smoking or copying the behavior of adults, or because they think that smoking is glamorous and "cool" occupation or unwillingness of different from smoking friends and classmates, or rebellious attempt to do to spite their parents.

We should not forget that in the school community child is often through the trials of will and character, and most try a cigarette from fear of appearing "wimp" or "black sheep".

1. smoking parents who can not or do not want to throw a bad habit, it is better not to keep the cigarettes at home or in your pockets, not to make them more accessible to the child.

2. Parents can not explain your smoking "adulthood": the image of an adult and so is very attractive for many children, and the associated smoke, the child will by all means try to get closer to this "ideal".

3. Talking with your child about smoking, parents need to be calm, do not behave aggressively.It is important when discussing the pros and cons of smoking, try to be objective and not to deny the advantages, as the child still sees them.

4. You can try to explain or prove the child, that eventually Smoking will still be "the coolest" in any company.Well, if it is possible to acquaint the child with someone from succeeding and non-smoking friends or acquaintances of parents who could become a respected authority for the younger generation.

5. In some cases, it is useful and consultation with a psychologist, but this means you need to resort very carefully and delicately, so as not to cause sharp protest of the child.