The hypermarket in Vitebsk "Crown" - the current trends in trade

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Vitebsk - beautiful large modern city in Belarus, which is located on the banks of the Dvina.It is a regional center with its own history and attractions.With a population of more than 373 thousand inhabitants of this city are simply necessary modern hypermarkets and shopping malls.This will provide a full service contemporary population.It is in such order October 27, 2011 was opened in Vitebsk "Crown" - the first modern supermarket.

Opening of "Crown" in Vitebsk

discovery of a giant trade in Vitebsk corresponds to modern trends in the development of the economy as a whole.The owner of the hypermarket - a major concern of "Tobacco Invest", which has to his credit a lot of shops in different cities of Belarus.It is a worthy competitor for the chain stores "Euroopt" and "Rublevsky" in relation to service quality and pricing policy.

Unlike its competitors, in Vitebsk "Crown" not only sells food and essential commodities.This huge supermarket offers its customers more than 10 000 items of different goods.And for those who want to buy large-sized and small appliances, there is a "Crown Techno" in Vitebsk - this is an internal supermarket household appliances and various equipment.

At the opening of the hypermarket was attended by heads and representatives of the town founder.Those wishing to visit a hypermarket in Vitebsk "Crown" was a great set.As was said at the opening, the shopping center was built in just one year.Its territory - almost 21 thousand square meters."Crown" in Vitebsk it possible to create almost 800 jobs in different specialties.

According to the mayor, the commercial property will appeal to many residents and visitors.After all, in Vitebsk "Crown" - it's the atmosphere of the European civilized shopping, retail sample of the highest class.This hypermarket can be put on a par with the world-famous shopping centers, for example, such as "Metro", "Magellan", "Tesco".

structure of the shopping center

Shop "Crown" in Vitebsk combines several separate sections and rooms for customer service in different trade areas.At the same time in different sections of the shopping center are constant different stocks at a discount.Vitebsk residents often referred to as a hypermarket - "a pleasant shopping store."

If you carefully consider and clarifying the shopping center, that combines a number of shops and bars, we can distinguish:

  • Supermarket "crown".
  • Chain stores and boutiques "Fashion Mall".
  • fast-food restaurant "Pit Stop".
  • Supermarket of home appliances "Crown Techno".
  • Cafe "Amsterdam".
  • Shop fishermen and hunters "Barracuda."

«Corona» - Vitebsk

hypermarket hypermarket in Vitebsk "Crown" - a lot of pleasure from shopping.Clients have the choice of a large range of food and non-food products.Among them:

  • cosmetics and perfumes of famous brands;
  • Stationery;
  • household chemicals and cookware;
  • souvenirs and gifts;
  • products for home and garden;
  • dishes;
  • bedding and towels;
  • products for babies;
  • goods for children;
  • sporting goods.

But the main are food.These are products of their own production, semi-finished and finished products well-known brands and manufacturers.The goods for every taste offers its customers shop, "Crown" in Vitebsk.

high level of service and professionalism of the hypermarket will facilitate the choice of purchase.A lucrative promotional offers enable people with low incomes to buy some delicacies, or simply save the family budget.Additional services at the store is the availability of banking services, pharmacy, bank transfer.A nice addition to this shop is a fact, as the free plastic bags of different roominess.

the trading floor operates 30 offices calculation.Mode hypermarket: from 9 am to 11 pm, seven days a week, and a lunch break.

Network trendy shops

«Fashion Mall" - a network of boutiques in which to shop - a pleasure.In these fashionable shops collected more than 19 brands of manufacturers.All products are designed for Belarusian consumers of different income and comply with the latest trends in the fashion world.

Most of the range is designed for women.It is bright and well-known brands from the mass United Colors of Benetton, ADL and Motivi.All of them are represented in limited quantities, and the collection is constantly being updated.There are fashionable shops of goods for men and children.A boutique "Riviera" will help you choose the right along a selected decoration and underwear.

boutiques Hours: 10 am to 10 pm, seven days a week.

Fast food

«Pit-Stop» - restaurant for customers to hypermarkets, who wants to make a break in the shopping and refreshment.The main trump card of the restaurant - the speed of service and quality of food.The range is constantly updated menu.And the prices are stable and high level for this class of restaurant.

When cooking using recipes Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian and European cuisine.For visitors there is a wide selection of wines and an extended range of desserts.

This restaurant offers a festive celebration.For this purpose there is a separate area, a specialist in the selection menu and animator.

places Hours: 9 morning until 11 at night, seven days a week.

Shop for art admirers

for modern human needs for household and other equipment in the shopping center is a supermarket "Corona-Techno" in Vitebsk.Here you can find every little thing, and a variety of techniques.A wide selection of well-known brands products at reasonable prices.Often held a variety of events, when at a low price to buy expensive household items.

assortment of supermarket amazing: televisions, telephones, home appliances, small kitchen appliances, photographic and video equipment for home and cars, and various accessories.Assortment is constantly updated.There are always have the goods of economy class and the latest products of famous companies.

To avoid confusion in the choice, customers will assist qualified sales consultants.They are aware of the whole range of development and manufacturing companies.

working time: from 9 am to 10 pm, without breaks and weekends.

Cafe higher discharge

If you want to experience the atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, to feel European quality of service, you should visit the cafe "Amsterdam".Here customers will be offered European dishes from top-quality products.This is the place where they did not want to leave.

Cafe is designed for 140 seats, is decorated in Dutch style.The atmosphere of calm and serenity envelops.A wide range of food and alcoholic beverages will satisfy the most demanding customers.

hours: from 11 to 23 hours daily.For fans there is a special lunch menu.

Finally, we can add that the shopping center is equipped with the latest systems of protection and anti-theft.The company "Astron" is equipped with a hypermarket in Vitebsk "Crown" with all the latest developments.For example, there is a system for remote administration, optimized service area and the calculation of the purchase.There are controls on the Internet.

additional service is a huge free parking lot at the mall.It can accommodate up to 500 cars.