Pets cold countries (photo).

It may seem that the fauna of cold lean and fauna you can count on one hand.However, this is not true.For example, in the Arctic region is found a variety of animals and birds.The main thing here - polar bears.

The Arctic Circle located tundra, forest tundra, and a little to the north - the zone arctic desert.The main difference from other similar places - the polar night long, short summers and fairly low temperatures.It can live only those beings who are able to cope with the harsh climatic conditions.Over the years, animals adapted to cold countries, and to the low temperature and the complex processes of food production.

Polar Bear

So what animals live in the north?Polar Bear - it is the largest predator in the Arctic, living in the world.By its power and size of these animals are cold countries second only to his brown relatives who live in Russia and Alaska.Basically polar bears live on the pack ice in the coastal areas.

tide In the band a lot of plankton that eat other animals and fish.These are representatives of fauna are the main prey of polar bears.They usually prey on medium-sized seals.In the Arctic, these animals enough.Polar bear dens in the ice making.Females give birth to one or more cubs.

how to hunt polar bear

Polar bears in search of seals stand up on his hind legs and sniffing.It is worth noting that these animals are cold countries, which photo is impressive, can smell their prey per kilometer.The polar bear is usually close to the victim to leeward.As a result, the wind brings the smell of the getter to seal.Bears to seal rookery crawl on their bellies.Many argue that this animal covers his black nose paw to be more inconspicuous.After the polar bear will choose a victim, he grabs her in a deft toss.

If the seals resting on the ice, the hunt becomes even easier.Bear swims up to the victim and simply pulls the seal closest to the water.

most interesting is that these animals are able to postpone the Nordic food stocks heavier periods.Often, the Arctic ice cap is clamped in a narrow ice-hole orcas.Bear stun their prey strong blows and throwing her not shore stacks stacks.

Also, these predators are not averse to eat walrus.However, catching them in the open polar bear can not.After their walruses are much stronger.So the bears run around rookeries and growl.Fearful walruses in a panic rush to the sea.Bears pick up the remains of crushed and injured young adults.

In summer arctic tundra predator dropping in to diversify the diet of breeding birds, lemmings, moss, berries and lichens.


These animals are found in many Arctic ecosystems, virtually the entire northern hemisphere.Foxes live even in Iceland.Where this species is the only mammal that lives on the surface of the Earth.Arctic Foxes were in Iceland since the last ice age.Animals just crossed the frozen water on the volcanic island.Foxes looks very similar to the fox.In Scandinavia, this species is considered endangered.For decades, these animals are protected.

Sea Leopard

Fauna north is amazing and diverse.The most successful and brave hunter is a leopard seal in Antarctica.This animal is missing its prey with sharp teeth.Preference is given to leopard seals crabeater seals and penguins, but also indulge in large quantities of krill.These animals are cold countries have a long body, which can be up to three meters.It weighs as an adult leopard seal an average of about 300 kg.It is worth noting that the males are smaller than females on.Birth of calves is carried out in the summer on the pack ice.


Woodland caribou - this is the reindeer, which tamed.It inhabits this species in the southern part of Alaska, Greenland, Russia and Canada.It is worth noting that this is the only species of deer, where females and males have antlers.These domesticated animals are protected, as they are an endangered species.


Many at the thought of Wolverine imagine a ferocious and dangerous predator that looks like a wolf.In fact, these animals are cold countries belong to the weasel family.Externally, the wolverine is more like a river otter.The claws of these animals have a tendency to stretch half.However, Wolverine uses them mainly for climbing or digging.


These animals have not been studied.Of course, everyone knows that the lynx belong to the family cat, and have relatively small dimensions.They have the long legs and, of course, wide paws.Without it difficult to manage in a harsh climate.This structure facilitates the movement of paw through deep snow.

Basically bobcats prey on small hare.It is worth noting that in 1970 the representatives of the cat was considered extinct.However, after a while trotting reappeared.Today these animals are just those species that are on the verge of extinction.Therefore hunting lynx is prohibited.


Animals in cold countries survive in completely different ways.Get at least a hare.This species is found mainly in the northern part of Greenland, Canada and Alaska.In winter it becomes a snow-white fur animals.This provides them with maximum camouflage on a background of snow.During the summer period hare color, usually gray-brown color.It is worth noting that the species is not endangered.

red fox

This animal can be found on every continent.The exception in this case is Antarctica.It should be noted that they are very dangerous in almost all ecosystems.For example, in 1855, the red fox was brought to Australia solely for recreational hunting.However, this view has taken root here.After only 150 years, the red fox has become a threat to the huge number of populations of mammals and birds that live in this small continent.


These wild animals are cold countries constitute a special group.Seals live in the Arctic region has more than one millennium.There are several species: harp, bearded, ringed seal and the harbor.

Harp seal differs from its congeners beautiful pattern on the skin.But the sea hare is the largest.Growth of this animal is on average 2.5 meters.It weighs bearded almost 400 kilograms.

As for the harbor seal, it is inferior in size and coloring of their brethren.However, they feature - is very expressive and beautiful eyes.It also includes seals and ringed seals.The representatives of this species is much less than other species, but they are more mobile and able to dig holes in the snow.


It seals close relatives.Walruses are pinnipeds and have a large enough size.The length of the body they can reach three meters.The weight of an adult animal is on average nearly a ton.There are powerful walrus tusks.They needed them for digging the seabed.Here animal extract clams, which make up the bulk of their diet.Often walruses use their tusks for defense as well as attack.After all, these animals are predators and can easily eat seals or seal.


This species of rodents has a special significance for the entire fauna of the Arctic.Lemmings size slightly smaller in mice and are a staple food for many animals.For example, on the size of the rodent population is dependent polar owls.It should be noted that in those years when lemmings are very few, the bird did not nest.Also, the amount of data depends on the existence of rodents, foxes.These animals do not travel if lemming low.

Although the reindeer diet composed mainly of plants, they are also not averse to eat these animals.

In conclusion

Arctic zone - a vast expanse stretching from the Aleutian Islands and to Iceland.Here reigns the cold and endless ice.Arctic area - the beach, covered with a thick layer of ice, rocky islands, endless tundra and the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean.In this part of the world it looks uninviting, dark and harsh.An integral part of the Arctic is the polar night and day, heavy snowfall, fog and icy winds.

What animals live in the north?Who can withstand such conditions?Ironically, among the snow drifts and the eternal ice simmering.On this point, and the cries of birds, and the growl of polar bears, walruses and roaring.Fauna cold countries is amazing and unique.Many representatives of the fauna in the northern part of the continent is on the verge of extinction and in need of protection.