The most beautiful house in the world.

wonder whether you ever question: "Where is the most beautiful house in the world?" And whether it exists at all, because everyone has their own idea of ​​beauty?It turns out that in the world there are buildings whose beauty and design delight all, without exception, even the most experienced persons.

most beautiful homes in the world

  1. «Fallingwater" was such a beautiful name is no coincidence.Residential building is located in a picturesque place called Bear creek.They built it over a small waterfall.Beautiful country house can be found in Pennsylvania.
  2. on one of the coasts of the United States Marine can see the most beautiful house in the world, worth 12,995,000 US dollars.Luxury building located in the prestigious town of Laguna Beach.Its area is 650 m2.The house consists of a living room, dining room, five bedrooms, a spacious kitchen, wine cellar.On the territory adjacent to the house is a waterfall, an outdoor swimming pool, from which you can enjoy the cityscape.
  3. Casa Finisterra - a Mexican mansion belongs to the honorable list of "The most beautiful houses of the world."Photos construction design requires no comment.Luxury modern mansion is located on a rocky cliff in Cabo (Mexico).The house is in beige and gray-white tones that blend harmoniously with the landscape of rocky terrain.With the Casa Finisterra offers stunning views of the sea.

Teremok Kirillov

most beautiful house in the world is on the expanses of Russia.This is not a 5-storey villa of the banker or oil tycoon and unusual building in the village of Kunar, which resembles a fairy Mansion.He built a house a blacksmith S. Kirillov.His masterpieces began to build in 1951.Each year, Smith added a new house decoration.Now Mansion Kirillov - a fabulous house with a variety of different shapes.Here there is a forge, and locksmith.To ensure its beauty and originality, just look at the pictures.The most beautiful houses of the world can not be compared with Towers Kirillov.In the village of Kunar definitely need to look to see this truly fabulous creation.

most beautiful houses of celebrities

for the life of the stars observed by millions of people worldwide.Almost everyone held an actor, singer or athlete builds his own house.Some of them are so beautiful and luxurious that can safely claim to be "the most beautiful houses of the world."Photos of the "star" of mansions and their description is provided below.

  1. Madonna House.This great singer is the owner of the luxurious mansion Ashcombe.Decorations House for $ 9 million was engaged personally Salvador Dali.It is not surprising that he differs beauty and original design.Country house of the famous pop star is surrounded by magnificent forests.
  2. Villa Sophia Loren.The greatest actress lived in a very nice house.Italian villa comprises 50 rooms, large yard areas, swimming pool, terrace, elegant furnishings.The house is decorated with statues.
  3. House Celine Dion has long headed the list of "The Most Beautiful House in the World".It is reminiscent of white dollhouse with a bird's-eye view.On the territory of a luxury mansion features a swimming pool, water slides.Area mansion favorite singer - 3000 m2.Celine Dion is recognized that almost all free time spends.
  4. House of Mark Wahlberg.Unusually beautiful mansion built Mark Wahlberg for themselves and their families.On the territory of the house has everything you need for a comfortable stay: a large swimming pool with water slides, rides, tennis courts.

most beautiful house project

In 2013, the competition concept skyscrapers defeated Derek Pirozzi, which translates as "The Polar umbrella."According to the American architectural magazine eVolo, the contest sent more than 5,000 projects, describing the future of high-rise construction.They all claim to the title of "The most beautiful house projects the world."But the victory went to the draft Polar Umbrella («umbrella Polar").The building was recognized as the best skyscraper with vertical structures suitable for life.Floating skyscraper is not only residential buildings, but also preserves the Arctic ice by reducing the surface absorption of heat.The building resembles a huge ice-transparent umbrella.The building is really striking in its originality and magnitude.