Neformal - who is it?

At the word "Neformal" People have different associations.Someone remembers the goths, punks and so on. D. All of these youth subcultures have common characteristics.


So Neformal - who is it?The generalized notion of such people are those whose way of thinking, behavior, habits and appearance are different from socially accepted norms.In fact, anyone who stands out from the masses of people, even just his style of dress, has taken over Neformal.It's enough to be bright laces on their shoes or long hair young man.All.Done!In the eyes of society you have an informal personality.But do not be like everyone else - is not necessarily a selection from the total weight due to unusual appearance.It is enough to have something that makes such Neformal - thinking and views that are fundamentally different from the accepted norms.The absence of a framework that people draw themselves - considered a characteristic of representatives of various subcultures and simply extraordinary people.

Adolescent informal - is not just youthful rebellion against society.This gap framework opposition to the preference of most people.They deny the experience of former generations.Their goal - shocking, the search for new, turns out.Vanguard and aspiration to the future - the best features of an informal environment.

extraordinary movements there is a huge amount.And some of them are typical for certain countries, while others have acquired the character of the world.


Goat, of course, also Neformal.Who is it?Gothic subculture emerged in the seventies of the last century.The roots of it came out of the punk culture.So what happens?These two trends are the same?

from punk goth differed more refined manners of behavior and style of dress.Also, the difference in the fact that the Goths harder.They can be proud of their academic performance in schools.Often, these people have a tendency to art.When The flow began to develop Gothic rock music.

Themselves representatives of the subculture are often accused of propaganda of suicide and death.But it seems the people who look at them with the naked eye.Psychologists in his remarks noted that the Goths - are potential suitsidentov.And coming together, they help each other to adapt to society.

informal clothes that identify themselves as Goths, their worldview has a corresponding style.The representatives of this subculture prefer black, sometimes combining it with white, red.The main materials for their things stand goat fur, suede, satin, velvet.Mandatory is a decorative piece - corsets, jewelry, lace, flounces, laces.When applying make-up at the ready both sexes practiced excessive lightening of the skin.A characteristic feature - the conclusions drawn by black eye pencil.These key parameters can be found at any time of goth.Valid any additions to the image.For example, a haircut with shaved temples.

At this time, there are even brand gothic clothing.The best known are the following companies:

1. Spiral Direct.

2. New Rock.

3. Demonia.

4. Restyle.

Informal emo

Have you heard about this trend?Emo - also Neformal.Who is it?This trend came to us in the eighties with the West.The last wave was about 5 years ago.It is worth noting that during its revival movement acquired a vivid differences from Emo culture of the West.

Western rockers (see photo. Below), included within the emo - are teenagers who prefer pastel or natural colors in clothes.Representatives of this flow will not accept tattoos and piercings.These teens themselves as children giperemotsionalnostyu.Representatives considered a subculture of Western countries are fundamentally different from emo to the East.

among our teens mandatory attributes believe tattoos and piercings.A girl informal we do not differ from boys.No, you do not think that they dress like men.On the contrary, the guys are very similar to the girls.They also summarize the eyes, painted nails, wear the same hairstyle.The clothes can be identified emo predominance of black and pink flowers, cell strips.It is also an essential attribute of a great variety of bracelets and a large shoulder bag with an incredible number of icons.Emo themselves as bisexual.Perhaps this explains the similarity between boys and girls, as well as the fact that they are promoting peace throughout the world.

emo listen to music, which reflects the unrequited love, sorrow, sadness, apathy.


Yes, that's right, Gopnik - is also an informal youth that has existed at all times.Why are they considered to be a separate subculture?The answer is simple.They have their own style of clothing, attitudes, Slang, behaviors and preferences in music.So it turns out that Gopnik - is also informal (picture shown below).

Seeing representative of this subculture, it is possible to accurately learn of tracksuits, baseball cap and sneakers (or shoes).And classic shoes guys are all under the same tracksuit.In advanced Gopnik may be carrying a rosary and Handy.These informal has a reputation for bullies and hooligans.They also have a personal calling card: a beer with seeds.The reason for this reputation is their intolerance of dissent.Victims Gopnik may be not only representatives of other informal groups and intellectuals.

main part of the subculture of young people from working class families.

Punk Punks - also Neformal.Who is it?Punks have appeared in the Soviet Union.They frighten the adult generation of its strength, behavior and appearance.Now this movement abated.Pankow, remains true to its taste and look, now not so much.

This movement does not recognize any authority and laws.Punks reject conventional social norms.Briefly, they prefer anarchy any frames.

Punks wear shabby clothes, dye their hair in bright colors or patterns shaved present piercings, chains, tattoos and wristbands.Among them are girls.Informal this movement prefer to rock.

How are current?

Each of those who became an adherent of one of subcultures, there are reasons for it.The most common ones are listed below.

1. The realization of its uniqueness.

2. Problems of understanding with peers or parents.

3. Desire recognition.

4. Loneliness.

What parents of these children?

To this period was quick and painless, you must not act aggressively.

1. Do without scandals.

2. Learn about the subculture of the maximum amount of information.

3. Find the positive side in this (maybe your child will learn to play the guitar).

4. Share with your child their suspicions and fears.Quietly listen to his thoughts on the matter.

5. Tell us about your youth and of what you have.Maybe if he understands that you like, then you will find a common language.

6. Allow the son or daughter to place his attributes subculture in his room.

Conclusion In conclusion, it should be noted that belonging to any group of nonconformists does not always give an opportunity to describe the person.Most often, these preferences are temporary.Man finds his "I", realizes that he is unique.To do this he necessarily anything stands out from the crowd.