Manipulation of man and how to protect themselves

Manipulation person is a powerful tool of influence on any individual and to society as a whole, allowing you to manage people and form public opinion, to impose any stereotypes, views and templates.It is carried out by means of the method of mass - media.They created information field simply gives people get out, because the neutral it can not be, by definition, always conveying the mood and opinion of the author.

Manipulation man carried out with a few principles that are widely known and commonly used.

First of all, you need to know about the audience more than she knows about himself.Extensive material that provides science over the last decade, psychology, biology, neuroscience accumulated such extensive information about human nature that carry out the manipulation of the human mind is not the slightest problem.We just need to bypass critical attitude, mind and value judgment.An example of such manipulation is the use of sex and sexuality, even in advertising, attracting the attention of buyers to the product.

authorities of any country often use other techniques that help to carry out the manipulation of public opinion: the information field of the country is saturated with insignificant events and news, distracting people from what is really important.As a result, for example, the society breaks spears over a trifling matter, but essential to human life, and innovation is carried out quietly accepted as a law without causing resistance.On the same principle and are constructed newscasts: a set of stories about wars and misery in other countries, and a running line - the news about important changes in the legislation.

Manipulation man made and by creating problems and then tossing the ways to solve them.For example, you can create a situation where the population will react negatively and will require immediate action from the government.And after all this, and do the calculations.As a result, laws are adopted, the necessary power: enhanced security measures actually infringe the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Another popular method is considered to be a gradual application and dosing information so as not to cause a panic.As a result, people are not aware of the true scale of the tragedy and misery, and revolution is not happening.

manipulation carried out and the person with the help of a stay of execution: that is to promise to fulfill the unpopular measures are not now and in the indefinite future.And people really go for it.The same

seeking treatment and with the help of people like children: such infantilism in speech turns reduces the critical spirit and inspires confidence to say.

Equally important is the emphasis on emotions.It is important to be avoided that the person came to his senses and thought, argued and arguments.In the manipulator arm playing and ignorance of society: it is for this collapse of the education system, stupefy society destroyed or expelled minded people.

All these and other methods of manipulation used in varying degrees in every country and every society, and protect them perhaps only cycling critical approach, careful, inquisitive mind.And, of course, check the information before you trust it.