How to connect to the water supply the washing machine?

Washing Machine - the greatest invention of the human mind.Thanks to him, many women got a bunch of free time, and lonely people it serves as a great help.Whatever it was, but today it is a must buy item in the regeneration of their homes.

However, problems with the choice of this kind of technology is not accurate, as today there are more than one hundred models from manufacturers heap.That's just how to connect to the water supply the washing machine, he knows not everyone.But at the same pay and hired craftsmen do not want to, because of too hard work, these "knights screwdriver" tear quite exorbitant amount.

In this case, a lot cheaper and easier to figure the theoretical part of the event.Just advise what better to change the wiring at least at the site where the machine will be connected (if is necessary).In addition, it is necessary to visit the plumbing shop, as you may need a lot of accessories (depending on the status of your water pipe).

We select the "right" place

As you know, in a normal city apartment much choice in this regard simply does not.Classic considered the following three options: a bathroom, toilet or kitchen.Note that in the closet most of the apartments can accommodate only models with vertical loading laundry for other washing machines there is simply not enough space.

It is important not to forget that the car at any time need a free pass.This is especially true for families with young children, where the volume of washing times simply dazzling.Before connecting to the water supply the washing machine, it is advisable to fill in the normal concrete base.So you will ensure maximum stability it is particularly important for models of 3.5 kilograms of linen.

properly unpack equipment

If the machine is not one of you went to the store, this part can safely skip.The same applies to those who have already bought the car earlier.

Everyone else recall that the manufacturers of such equipment to protect it from damage during transport, providing transport for this special bolts that fixed drum.In order not to spoil the appearance of the product, and does not enter into the machine and various small pieces of debris, complete with her are also plastic plugs, which is subsequently closed holes from the screws.

Washing Machine LG (to which the instruction is always included) for this purpose in general is provided with screw-cap plastic.

We will not describe the procedure for their removal: our material is still the subject of several other theme, and you will find all the necessary instructions to the newly purchased equipment.Very, very important!If you do not know where the bolts are located, in any case, do not try to turn the car without their removal.The consequences may be such that you will not help, even in the service center.

Some recommendations on the operating conditions

Well, how to connect to the water supply the washing machine?Well, we get down to the description of this process.

First of all, we note that the normal operation of the equipment is possible only under the condition of constant and uninterrupted supply of cold water at normal pressure.Most of the household washing machine is not intended for connection to a hot water supply system, so to speak about such cases, we will not.

own connection to the water supply should be done through a special hose that necessarily comes from you purchased the machine.If he simply does not reach the nearest water standpipe, visit the specialty shops: it was full of models of virtually any length.

Important!Do not immediately grab the maximum length of the hose, first read the manufacturer's recommendations.The low-cost machines is often not the most reliable and powerful pump, which can not handle the load when pumping water.

connect to the machine and water supply

One end of the hose is attached to the machine itself, the problem with that you just do not arise, because there has a special fitting.Tape FUM use is not necessary, because the connection in any case, a very tight.As for the direct connection to the water, then it can be done in several ways.

better and easier all you connect the washing machine to the water supply when the plumbers have already provided for this purpose a separate adapter.In this case you will need only tap yes stock FUM tape.Pay attention to the quality of all the details, as the builders often manage to save money on penny elements.

Cast iron pipes

hardest metal water pipes, as in this case would have to be embedded in them tap that beginners will certainly be difficult.To do this, you must purchase a crane and a special bandage.Note that prior to the tie it in the water system it is necessary to block the water.Drill a hole, put a bandage on it, tighten the clamps, then joins the resulting construction crane.By his second outing cling washing machine.There is also a version with a tap on the three outputs.

If the machine is in the toilet, it is best to hang the connecting valve to the inlet cistern toilet.Important!In no case can not break to pieces hose twist and bend it.All connections are carefully isolated FUM-tape or something similar.

Since it is dependent on the tap and your neighbor's security in terms of protection from the flood, do not skimp on quality, buying cheap Chinese fakes.It is best to buy a proven brand taps made of brass.

Other options

But what about in the case of the small size of the apartment you have to place a washing machine somewhere in the hallway, where there is no running water close?Of course, the hollow walls and conduct pipes can afford not all.Yes, and how much it will cost if the house of the old buildings and pipes - iron ... So how to connect to the water supply the washing machine?

necessary to look for an alternative.As such, we can offer is this: buying an ordinary garden hose from the normal thick rubber band, which mentioned above, as well as several clips and a pair of ball valves.Please note that the length of the hose should not be more than five or six meters: even the most reliable washing machine Ariston (manual says the same thing) can burn from a severe load on the pump.

Please also be connected to the water supply in a way which has already been mentioned above.Cling bandage, attach the crane.That's just on his way out put on a hose that is already using the second crane to hold on to the machine.

What to do with "waste"?

Alas, few people think about how to connect the washing machine to the sewer.As a rule, the hose is attached with a plastic bracket that comes bundled with the machine, to the edge of the tub or sink.At the end of the toilet it is simply sent to the toilet.All this is not very correct from the point of view of professional plumbers, as the plum of the same shower stall or bathtub can very quickly clogged by waste water, which is full of different fibers and dirt.


Where better and more correct to use for this purpose special adapters that connect directly to the sewer system.You only need to buy a suitable trap and fix it, do not forget about some of the rules.

Important!Be sure to place the trap of only (!) Curved portions of the trap, as in this case, your sense of smell will be protected by far the most pleasant smells of sewage.In no case can not be embedded into the sewer pipe risers directly: you are not only guaranteed a smell of sewage inside the machine and a bathroom, but the pump effect when injected into the machine the water is at the same time tightened the drain.

particularly sensitive to this, any washing machine "Indesit".Manual states that in most models do not have a valve that would have prevented this phenomenon.

electric side of the issue

Although the subject of the article to talk about this a must, as a violation of operating rules could cost the owners not only health, but also life.Be sure to invite a professional electrician for reliability are forwarding will have a separate cable from the panel to the machine itself, and forget about grounding is not necessary.

Here how to connect the washing machine.We hope that you will succeed the first time.