overly impulsive, quick and changeable are the representatives of the sign Aquarius.Birthstone they should have all the time with them, because it will protect its owner from unnecessary trouble, tell the correct answer to a tricky question, and to defend against enemy attacks.It should be noted that although Aquarius and belongs to the air element, but most of it suitable stones, symbolizing the water.First of all, pay attention to mineral water colors, that is, from light blue to dark green.

Talisman for Aquarius to be very strong, because it is necessary to strengthen creative thinking, a gift from nature to these people, to control outbursts of negative emotions and to protect against the evil eye.Green and blue stones perfectly clear the brain from unnecessary thoughts and generating positive, so they will be a real saving for a typical representative of the sign of Aquarius.

Birthstone with a maximum range of action - is aquamarine.It is a blue variety of beryl has the most powerful influence on Aquarius.This mineral is capable of changing color depending on the weather and the mood of the owner.But most importantly, this amulet is able to correct not only psychological but also physical health.Aquamarine improves overall health, fills the body with strength and vigor, has a bracing effect on all organs.

Very often exposed to various stressful situations it is the representatives of the sign Aquarius.Birthstone get rid of fear and anger, relieve irritation and fatigue, result in the order of thought, make my head clear and capable of sober reason.In some seemingly hopeless situations amulet helps to get away from the water.Also aquamarine protects from danger and tricks of enemies.

Azurite and beautiful stone-mascot for Aquarius.It belongs to the aqueous minerals is blue and blue.According to its curative and magical properties of azurite much like aquamarine, but this stone has a greater effect on the psychological state, rather than the physical.It allows you not to splash out the negative emotions, does not give in to fear, anxiety and depressed.Azurite instantly restore mental balance.No wonder it is still in the old days used to treat various addictions.

Also worth noting is a special opportunity zircon blue shades are most suitable representatives of the sign Aquarius.Birthstone has similar properties with azurite and aquamarine, but still has some differences.If the previous two mineral basically just suppress negative emotions, the zircon is able to activate positive feelings.This stone is perfect for people involved in the creative professions, as it improves mood, stimulates the imagination and gives confidence.

aquamarine, azurite, and zircon are the main mascots for Aquarius, but by no means the only ones.Representatives of this sign is also suitable lapis lazuli, sapphire, opal, chrysoprase, amethyst, amber and garnet.Each of them has its own characteristics and has different effects on the person, but they will be a reliable protection for its owner.