Sooner or later, many people are thinking about how important the name they carry.Whether it is capable to influence the destiny of man, what character traits endows its owner.This article reveals the secret name Lana.Such information can help in dealing with these women.

value named Lana.As it appeared

Female name Lana has several options of origin.According to the first version, it has Slavic roots, and it is translated as "fertile" or "broad field".In the Old Russian word "LAN" is set to "earth".

According to another version it is assumed that this is an Irish name, which translates as "peaceful."The researchers also found in his Italian origin and, in this case, it is set to "soft" or "fuzzy."With Latin name translates as "peaceful" or "cute".

Most often it is the diminutive form of the other, longer, which can be reduced as Lana.Full name in these women may be: Svetlana, Milan, Iolanta, Ruslan Roksalana, Alan, Belyaev, Evlampiya.However, it can be independent.

Lana.Value Name: childhood

It grows responsive and friendly girl.Lana loves to chat, prefers a large group of friends.With strangers also finds common language very quickly, easily it joins a new team.

Lana very touchy person.Sometimes, already forgetting the reason continues to be in a bad mood.Study gives the girl hard, sometimes it just brings bad memory.However, the ability to charm and childlike help her solve any problems.

Lana.Value Name: character

She is a positive person, able to infect the people around her in a good mood.He loves dancing and music, they help her to forget about the existing difficulties, a distraction.

Lana always bring the matter to an end, if it's really interesting.She knows how to take risks, but her actions are carefully considered and weighted.She is brave and discretion.Other people can not stand flattery.Man needs always come to the rescue.

Lana is a freedom-loving woman with an independent character.If necessary, can pretend to be weak and defenseless.

Lana.Value Name: marriage and family

Marry it usually comes out later.Married trying to command her husband, but she manages it is rare.However, subject to its mate, it does not intend to.Lana is very amorous nature, why it is difficult to be faithful to her husband.But because of his family interests will not ruin.

From Lana turns good housewife, in her house prevail comfort and cleanliness.She loves to make friends, and do not go off on a visit itself.A woman becomes a caring and loving mother.

Lana.Value Name: Career

She achieves good results in creative professions.Lana is not afraid of responsibility, it is independent.Always trying to push his ideas, but also the successes of colleagues sincerely rejoice.It often becomes an actress, director, artist, singer, poet.Of course, Lana can choose other professions, but they are, as a rule, owners of the name did not enjoy popularity.