Keeping space explorers: astronomy for the youngest

We are all attracted by something mysterious that is difficult to our imagination.A space is perhaps the most inexplicable of what surrounds us.Because the starry sky, the moon, the sun is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.And what can we say about children, they are interested in almost everything.The day may sound a thousand "why".This is probably the most fertile period when little 'Who Knows?' Possible interest, instill in him a desire to learn and to know.Therefore, if your child asks questions about space, the stars and planets, do not be afraid that he did not understand the children very well developed imagination, start with a simple explanation of things.In this article we will touch on a topic such as astronomy for the youngest, and try to consider the methods by which you can instill in children an interest in space.

Astronomy for children.Cognitive video

One way to tell the child about the cosmos is watching cartoons and educational programs.Usually in such programs in the form of a game, with funny characters and very interesting talk about the available space.It will be interesting not only to your daze, but to you of these cartoons and adults learn many new and interesting.

Astronomy for children.Modeling

To the kid became more clear some space phenomena such as the eclipse of the moon and the sun, the growth phases of the moon, twinkling stars, you can use the simulation.With the help of available items, such as a desk lamp and a ball, you need to show your child, why the moon appears as a thin crescent, and after a while it becomes round like a saucer.With these same subjects may demonstrate eclipse.

Astronomy for children.Compare

imagine the scale of the universe and space objects is difficult even to an adult and child to talk about the size of celestial bodies at all difficult.For this method can use a visual comparison.For example, take a pumpkin and pea and explain to the child, if it is assumed that the Earth - a pea, the Sun would be the size of a pumpkin.So the baby is easier to imagine the difference in size.

I would be an astronomer!

Tell about cosmonauts, conquered space, astronomy, watching the planets in large telescopes.Tell your child, if he chooses a profession related to a science, astronomy, work at the observatory could be very interesting, because that's where the secrets of the stars.Try to get out of the city to look at the night sky, tell us about the planets of the Milky Way, look for some of the constellations in the sky - the child is going to be very interesting.If possible, reduce it to the planetarium.

development of astronomy is rapid, more and more out educational programs, broadcasts, books and magazines on the subject, so look for interesting stuff is not difficult.If your kid wants to know everything about space, maintain this interest in it, and perhaps, the world will get another Copernicus!