Almost everyone at least once in life thought about how important his name and how it affects his fate.And whether it is able to give certain personality traits.

among Muslims uncommon name Ilnur.It has a Turkish-Arabic origin and means "native light" or "light of the motherland."According to another version, it is translated as a "ray".

Ilnur.Value Name: childhood

Little Ilnur - a real challenge for parents.It is growing very restless and inquisitive boy.He's always in a good mood.Few people have such activity, as the owner of the name.Ilnur - extraordinary personality.It is always a dangerous game organizer.

Study it is easy, in many ways a boy helps an inherent luck.However, teachers are often the cause of his parents in the school, because Ilnura often have problems with self-organization and discipline.

Almost always it is a party school activities and performances.He just can not live without various reincarnations, change and upheaval.He likes to be on stage, the audience loves Ilnura.He might even have a large popularity.However, he held a vanity that is necessary to prevent from early childhood.

Ilnur.Value Name: Har actor

worth noting that luck is not cheating on him throughout his life.Growing up, he becomes a true leader, able to lead people.He is an excellent organizer.

name value Ilnur speaks of him as a purposeful and powerful man.It is very complicated and will always treat others just as they deserve.If he would have to deal with a bad person, he Ilnur seem greedy, cynical, defiant and even vindictive.When communicating with loved ones and friends, he becomes attentive, caring and always ready to help with any problems.Ilnur very good and loyal friend.

He loves money but spend it wisely.The owner of the name tries in life itself in what not to refuse.He lives usually only in a large apartment and wears expensive clothes.

Ilnur arrogant and cynical, other people's mistakes will never forgive.Just getting older, it can start to admit their mistakes, but only partially.

Ilnur.Value Name: marriage and family

He always enjoyed success with the opposite sex.His personal life should never be called boring.By choosing a spouse Ilnur very seriously, it should be just the ideal and to be worthy to be his wife.As a rule, his life is only one marriage.He one-woman man, his feelings are always deep and long lasting.

Ilnur become a good father, he has children credibility.Because it turns out the real head of the family: the economic, caring, thoughtful and fair.

Ilnur.Value Name: Career

He used to be independent, so it is very difficult to someone to obey.If Ilnur will own business, then it is waiting for a big success.The profession usually chooses on his heart.