Humus - this is the best fertilizer for your garden

With fertile soil is the key to high yields - it is clear to everyone.But how to achieve this most fertile?From the lessons of biology, we know that any plant for normal growth and fruiting of essential nutrients.They are contained in any soil, but over the years the necessary reserves of trace elements are depleted, impoverished soil, and the plants do not grow on it.How to solve this problem?Of course, to make fertilizer!It would be easy?Indeed, growing vegetables on an industrial scale farmers do not skimp on all kinds of fertilizers.These additives are very quickly absorbed by plants, resulting in a short time in the beds adorn big, beautiful, not on terms of ripe vegetables.And we buy these gifts of Agriculture, unaware that they, along with vitamins contains a large number of various nitrates, pesticides and other hazardous compounds.And here it is worth thinking about what more will bought vegetable - benefit or harm?

fertilizing with organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers, unlike mineral, harmless enough.This is a long-acting fertilizer, they should make every 2 years.Nutrients contained in such feeding, are most suitable proportions required plant.But they should be made correctly, otherwise instead of high yields can be achieved completely the opposite effect.Let's find out what the fertilizer is what it is and how to use it.Almost all organic fertilizers can be called in one word - humus.Humus - is overripe for several years manure, chicken manure, grass and other organic wastes.Also called compost.When making compost must adhere to certain rules.

Dung humus

This fertilizer is the most popular among gardeners.The manure should be applied to the soil in the fall, so it will be better able to decompose minerals and plants are planted in the spring will be able to obtain the necessary power.In no case can not make fresh manure, or your plants simply burn up.

Avian humus

This fertilizer (especially chicken manure) is very strong.It should be diluted to make: about 100 g of dry manure per 10 liters of water.Just as manure, chicken manure has to be validated.When digestion of manure worms and flies eggs are killed.This compost rich in nitrogen, as it contains iron, manganese, cobalt and zinc.Disadvantages include a fetid smell.

Green manure - herbal humus

This fertilizer is perhaps the most secure, make it possible in any amount without fear of overdose.Pour the dressing at the root.This fertilizer is particularly favorite plants.Preparing is as follows: any grass (but better to take nettles) cut, poured into a barrel and pour water.Waiting to begin fermentation.Massa will foam that should be considered and not fill the barrel to the brim.Then, when the fermentation process stops, you will be effective, and most importantly - a harmless fertilizer.Dilute the compost at a ratio of 1:10.

If there is no desire and opportunity to prepare themselves fertilizer, organic fertilizer that you can buy in any specialty store.Fortunately, the choice is very large.Remember, good fertilization - the key to high yields!