Feed for chickens, turkeys and ducks

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Most farmers and owners of small farms, buying purebred chicken, suggest that somehow in a special way to feed it is not necessary.Ostensibly ordinary feed for chickens and create himself, and normalizes feeding conditions.In fact it is not, to feed, as required by the body of a bird.

It also happens that in the village of someone prefers to breed turkeys and all the rest - only laying hens.That accounts for the owners to use turkey feed for chickens.It seems to be wrong with this nothing, everything is normal, the bird does not die, but the benefits of such feed for turkeys virtually none.The fact is that the feed for laying hens contains insufficient for turkeys nutrients.Consequently, it nedobiraet energy, and hence - decreasing efficiency.

Speaking of the young lady, this difference in power is still tangible.This is due to the physiology of each species of poultry.With age, the body's need for nutrients changes: young hens transferred to feed with lower nutritional value, but at the same time increase the amount of calcium and crude fiber in order to prepare for a productive future hen life.Switching to a new feed for chickens helps suspend their early puberty, to finally form a skeleton to gain weight.By itself, the fiber contributes to the active development of the gastrointestinal tract.Juveniles turkey growing very faster pace, which is why their need for nutrients above.And buy food separately for chickens and turkeys - unprofitable.Therefore, you can only go one more or less rational way, which is taken as a basis for feed for laying hens.

Comparing chickens and ducks, the diet which have a feed, you'll see: the ducks do not have enough metabolizable energy and crude protein.In the summer, they acquire offspring in their diet may include such feed (for laying hens).Part of what they lack, they make up by roots and unsteady greenery.A favorite delicacy ducks - duckweed.In another situation in the winter time when you need to add the feed to be converted, peas, meat and bone meal.Also it is necessary to include in their diet of boiled potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, cabbage, steamed hay flour.Conversely perfect as razbavki dry food, which in turn helps to reduce the cost to them.If the ducks are in a diet of whole grains, then the better it will germinate.This gives food at the beginning yaytseneseniya.According to experts, sprouted grains helps improve the quality of the eggs during the incubation period.Also worth noting is that if the birds are housed in a room where there is a strong change of temperature conditions, the amount of feed to be increased by 20%.

Often people do not know where to buy feed for chickens.For many the question arises: "Maybe better to feed yourself?"If a medium-sized farm, you can buy a small Corn-crusher, or make it their own and produce feed for chickens.To do this, examine the special literature, to know exactly what dosage, so your animals were fed and healthy.