How to make a robot from the "Lego" with his own hands?

who are not familiar with the designer "Lego"?Probably will not find such a person.The designer recently came into our lives and permanently won the love and interest.No wonder in the details "Lego" is provided as a variety of figures that stretch of imagination has no limits.It is invaluable for the development of thinking and motor skills of children.And adults do not refuse to tinker with the designer.

Designer family

collect various items from the designer - good activity for the whole family.Fantasia children knows no bounds, head of small inventors are always full of new ideas.Many boys are collected from the designer figurines favorite cartoon characters, Transformers, and such a problem, how to make a robot from the "Lego" for them is not difficult.

Lovers robots

There were whole groups, communities, exhibitions and competitions.Of course, the robots from "Lego" can be very diverse, not only in form.As you know, the company that produces Designers "Lego", included in the complexion detail various control units, motors, by means of which man can make a walking robot that performs certain actions, and run it all with the help of special computer programs and simple.

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Ideas robot

There are even schools teaching how to make a robot.From the "Lego" build and collect teach even the smallest pupil.The company provides components for assembling packages of these robots.We can see a wide variety of strips, rods, shafts, electronic sensors and motors, as well as other components of the designer.

and the hearts of all the designer-robot is a special device called a "brick".This processor is the future of the robot.Speaking figuratively, it is similar to the processor power of your smartphone.Sounds pretty impressive, does not it?

What is the processor?On the input connectors goes to read information from different sensors.This can be a movement sensor, colors, for example, distance or gyroscope.And the output is given to the commands relative to the speed or the power of motion.On the box itself is the screen and a few buttons to control the action.

Putting robot

If you are firmly create a robot that performs certain actions and movements, it is necessary to choose a specialized set designer with the specific details and engines for this toy.It is in this set, and will be "a brick".The assembly instructions step by step painted all the action on how to make a robot from the "Lego".

For easier reference should install laptop for viewing movies on training and programming.Programming environment itself is clear enough and is designed for rapid assembly of the block system.

Operators have the form of squares of different colors - you can set the necessary parameters of a future robot interconnected squares, creating a special system.And by pressing just one button is transmitted via USB specified parameters.If you can not imagine vividly how to make a robot from the "Lego", then first try it on your computer.By creating a special program to the robot, make it a prototype and, having worked with the operators of the program, adjust the inaccuracies and shortcomings.

Dzhiroboy - basic robot for beginners

One of the most popular robots "Lego" is Dzhiroboy.It is widely advertised in videos on "Youtube", and the finished model is presented at the office of the company, which sells designers 'Lego'.This is the base version, which is suitable for novice collectors of robots.On Dzhiroboya feet parallel to each other, located wheels.Due to the action of the robot stable gyroscope keeps them, even if the push - it will not fall.

Due to the action of the installed sensors the robot adjusts its motion.It suffices to show the color plate and he, according to the established program, will move in a certain order.For example, a plate of green signals move forward, red - stand, but the yellow and blue turning it in different directions.Simply does not happen.

following the instructions manual

First you need to create a framework structure.To learn how to make "Lego" robot, detailed in the instructions.We can not shy away from it, and act in its sole discretion and taste - you can make a lot of mistakes and eventually throw the designer long shelf mezzanines.

begins to collect the body of the robot, and then simply load the appropriate program for the sensors.At first glance, nothing could be easier not to.But the text instructions 120 steps which must be performed accurately.Without patience and perseverance can not do, collecting design "Lego."How to make a small robot?It should sharpen their attention and observation, as hundreds of minute details could lead to confusion.

time investment in children

Do not be afraid of small things and regret the time because you are investing in the assembly of hours spent in communication with the child and its development.This is an invaluable contribution to the future of children.These designers develop great thinking, logic, perseverance and patience.If a child will ask you to make a robot from the "Lego" safely get down to business and dive into an interesting world of Transformers.