Feng Shui in the apartment, where to start?

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interest in Eastern culture has arisen for a long time, so today, here and there you can find supporters of the Taoist practice of Feng Shui.

The ancient Chinese called attention to the fact that human life becomes much better if he lives in harmony with nature.They noticed that when the front of the house facing the sun, the life of a man who lives in it, is going well.Many of the inhabitants of ancient China tried to build a house by the river, because the water fills the human life energy, taking away all the troubles and difficulties.

Today, referring to the principles of feng shui, many aspire to build your house and establish various spheres of life.Today's circumstances are such that thousands of people live in apartments of multi-storey buildings, so change anything outside they simply can not.It is for this reason that many are trying to use the principles of Feng Shui in the apartment.

If you want to adjust some areas of your life, then you need more detail and thoroughly grasp the basics of this ancient teaching.

The first thing is to start, it's - to determine the sector in his apartment.Sector - a unique area that correspond to a particular area in life, so in the future you will need to provide specific direction of his home, in accordance with the basic principles of feng shui.

Experts recommend using a grid of Ba Gua to certain sectors of feng shui in the apartment.Some experts advise to use a compass, and others - simply oriented at angles in the apartment.You decide.

So, what kind of direction is responsible for what?North side corresponds to a person's career, the South - this sector is self-realization and honor, creativity and children assigned to the zone the west, the east - a sector of health and family.Northwest deemed to assistants and travel and knowledge and wisdom in the north-east side of marriage and love are found in the southwestern part, but the wealth of the "Select" southeast.

Now, your task is to choose for themselves an area in which you would like to see positive changes and fill the corresponding sector of feng shui in the apartment symbolic objects.

However, before embarking on the design of the home, it is necessary to conduct general cleaning the apartment.The fact is that in order to let into your home a new energy should be released to her place, where she will be able to circulate freely, besides, in places where dirt and trash multiply the negative flow and this prevents the harmonious flow of Qi energy, whichresponsible for vitality.Remember

still one simple rule: in the selected sector by placing one or two symbolic objects, do not overload it, filling this side of all existing talismans.Only in the case where in a particular area of ​​your life is brewing a serious problem, you can activate this area more symbolism.

Feng Shui in the apartment should look harmonious, do not make your home look like a shop selling objects of symbolic feng shui.When on every street corner there are statues, the walls are covered with pictures and the ceiling hangs a Chinese lantern and music wind - it just will not interfere with the movement of energy.

Wave of course, that most often want to harmonize their relations with the other half, many dream to find love and get strong family, so furnished our apartment in the style of feng shui bedroom must meet all the requirements of this doctrine.For many, this room is a place to relax, a place where a person gains strength.Ideal for relations in the pair would be an option if you can place the bed where you sleep in the sector of love and marriage, however, is not always the size and layout of the apartment allow you to implement the plan.There are several

categorically unacceptable items that should not be in the bedroom - it's curly flowers, safe with money, family photos and archives of old newspapers, bird cages and aquariums.

Every day the army of fans of Chinese scientists is increasing, so today is not difficult to find a store and buy charms of Feng Shui.In addition, I must say that this symbolism looks quite nice and stylish, and will be a great addition to the decor of your apartment.You can choose to his liking statue, a painting on the wall, a small fountain in the room or just coins, which will be carried in a purse to attract money - you decide.