How to attract money into the house

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Finance - is a topic of attraction for many, even for those who are afraid of yourself to admit it.They are always short, you want to get more, but where and how.To attract money into your life is impossible without a change in its attitude, the subconscious mind in a positive direction.Only the psychology of wealth, openness to the power of abundance, faith in their own strength, a lead to success in all endeavors.Suffice it to them to learn how to attract money into the house will be very simple.Start with better control of his own thoughts.Once appear sad, painful, negative, they should be replaced immediately positive affirmation.

Sometimes it seems that money is avoided man.This is due to the fact that the idea of ​​them are full denial and discomfort.How to attract money into the house in such a case?They need love.We must allow ourselves to be rich to experience this condition.That is, all thoughts of luxury items, and life should be only positive.When a luxury, but as long as things are not available, you should not regret their inaccessibility and enjoy their views and general existence.To finance were aware that everything connected with them, causing only light emotions.Sent thus impulse into the universe would return increasing abundance.

If a person wants to know how to attract money into the house, he must first change your mind.

Psychology poverty has other manifestations.One of them, preventing comprehension of how to attract money into the house - it is the envy of those who have greater wealth.But while this feeling overwhelms poor, wealth will not go in his favor.He can not feel comfortable with a large sum in the hands and immediately squander her to return to the previous state.Only the acceptance of abundance and spirit of success will help flourish forever.Even if you have to start from scratch.How to recognize in his soul jealousy and how to fight it?It occurs when the news of someone's success appears a sense of their own inadequacy, inferiority, bad mood.You can eradicate jealousy, controlling their thoughts and replacing them with joy.Of course, this is not easy, and not all at once will change.The subconscious mind must get used to a new way of thinking for him.It is necessary to accumulate positive potential.

In conjunction with the change of consciousness will help attract money Feng Shui.It is a system of ancient knowledge about the proper construction of life, taking into account the energy conditions in the nature of the world.According to this science, every compass direction carries a different energy and affects certain areas of life.Thus, the area of ​​money, financial well-being is influenced by the south-east.That's it and you need to convert, to change the situation for the better.Defining these sectors in their home, you must first dismantle the existing blockages there trash furniture.And then it should be to harmonize the site with suitable for him symbols and mascots.If this sector is missing or falls on the toilet, you can activate it in the other room.The main element in the south-east - a tree, so there is nothing that is not suitable as a mascot for the sector as a money tree.At the same time it is desirable to avoid the presence in this area of ​​fire and metal elements that destroy and weaken its power.But the positive impact the presence of water, which is known to nourish the tree.By the way, if you can not set the items in the right place, talismans, you can use their images.Read more about what the talismans, charms, colors and shapes, as well as the number of appropriate to each sector and which are dangerous can be found in any books on feng shui.