Why dream of a fight in which you are a participant or an observer?

In the dream, we sometimes do things that in real life for us is unusual.Someone stands in front of a huge audience, someone sees himself as a fearless advocate and fight the enemy, some fly, others swim under water, others go through it.So see yourself fighting in a dream is not enough.You are free to participate in the process, to watch someone or separate rivals.Each of these situations has its own value.Find out what dream fight, you will be able to in this article.

part in a brawl in a dream

usually dreams about fights portend not very pleasant events in life.First, let's talk about situations in which you take a direct part.The battle with someone in a dream, reality is a meeting with a bad, wicked, unpleasant person.Communication with him could lead to you in problems and difficulties, until the lawsuits.So be careful in dealing with strangers.Why dream of a fight in which you give to retaliate?This means that you will cope with all the setbacks safely and give rebuff to the enemy.If we beat you, then wait for the big losses.The battle can talk about your active position in life, even if the trouble you overtake, you will not be a loser and get out of them adequately.

If you - the observer of someone's struggle

Again, look at dream interpretation.What dreams may still fight?Optionally, to participate in a fight, you can just watch her.For example, it occurs between two women.For men it is the likelihood of a quarrel with the lover or mother.If he sees the fight against men, one of his friends goes unfair harm him.For women, men battle promises pleasant chores around the house, meeting long-awaited guests.And if the girls are fighting, it is possible to quarrel with a close friend.Also watch the fight in a dream - a mindless waste of money in reality.

Why interfere in someone else's fight?

If you are not a passive spectator, but is actively trying to intervene in the fight to break it, then the value of sleep changes.Why dream of a fight in which you acted as a peacemaker?It is likely that in life you got involved in some questionable business.Or on your way to meet people who break the law - stay away from them.For women, this dream could talk about rumors and gossip behind her back.But if two people are going to deal with their fists but stopped, then wait for a meeting with the responsible people who are ready to help.It could be good neighbors.

Who fights in your dream?

Remember looked like contenders in a dream.Why dream of a fight between the little man and the giant?They symbolize your feelings in reality: you do some small, insignificant things, but I think that we deserve more.It's time to take matters into their own hands!If you hit a stranger, it will gain vitality.Kicking promise financial well-being, wealth.But the struggle between the spouses does not portend good husband hit his wife - to a loss of power, the wife of her husband - to the disease.Try to pay more attention to its second half, as well as take care of their own health.

fight as a symbol of the turbulent life

How often to you such dreams?Dream Interpretation suggest that regular fights are the epitome of active, busy life, full of events and bright impressions.Let not everything went smoothly, and there are obstacles, but you go around them successfully, solve problems and achieve success started in the business.