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Subcontract is a type of contract for the provision of construction services.In accordance with the general contractor fulfillment of the agreed scope of work entrusts the subcontractor.The conclusion of such agreements helps optimize building performance and reduce the time of their execution.

After the subcontractors customer (the general contractor) check the completeness and quality in accordance with the conditions, then in the absence of claims makes the payment.

As a rule, subcontractors are required to carry out such works as decoration, communication, design, construction and others.

subcontract works is a certain kind of parties in writing (simple) form.The right to conclude such contracts to the general contractor provided the main customer of the works.

Subcontract, a sample of which can be taken in the accounts of the construction company or download the form on the model of the document on the network, contains a number of mandatory details.In drawing up such an agreement shall include the following data.

First, prescribed types of work, cost and deadlines.These items must be specified as accurately as possible, because their performance can depend on the result of the final work and the possibility of completion within the specified period by the customer.When conflicts arise, their interests can be defended in court only on the basis prescribed in the contract conditions.No oral agreement Dispute resolution to the conflict will not be able to influence.

Subcontract defines the responsibilities of the subcontractor in full.According to the document, he is obliged to proceed with the execution of works directly after the general contractor will provide him with a request in writing with a clear indication of the scope of work and their venues.Subcontractor undertakes to perform the work at the appropriate level of quality, pass them on time, and if necessary, correct all the deficiencies identified precisely within the period established by mutual agreement.

General Contractor shall provide complete information about the type of work done and the facility subcontractor in time (usually three) check the quality of his work and handed in case of marriage to discuss the procedure to eliminate it, to pay for the work under the terms of the contract.The general contractor has full rights to verify the operation in their implementation.

In turn, the subcontractor shall have the right to use their materials and tools during the work and to involve third parties to fulfill.In the event that the general contractor has not fulfilled its obligation to pay for work on time, he can make a collection of existing debt or demand a penalty for delay of payment.

Subcontractor shall perform all the prescribed design and estimate documentation of the work on their own, make their individual testing, testing of installed systems and equipment to eliminate the deficiencies identified in the acceptance of the general contractor works.

terminate the subcontract may be by mutual agreement, making an agreement.In addition, the possible termination of a court, if the parties can not reach agreement.The initiator of termination must act in accordance with the complaint procedure for dispute settlement.Such conflicts can be resolved in the pretrial order, for example, to pay a fine for delay, inadequate quality of work, etc.

Any failure to comply with conditions of the agreement is a violation of discipline, which may result in financial responsibility as a subcontractor and general contractor if they are guilty of such abuse.