What is a subsidy?

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state subsidy exists in several forms.This assistance to low-income or large families, and the financial investment in the business sector, and loans for business development of small and mid-level managers.Many organizations have already benefited from financial assistance offered by the state, but at the same time, many do not have sufficient knowledge in this matter.Tell us a little about the types and forms of grants and procedures for obtaining.

What is a subsidy to pay for utilities?

Low-income people, pensioners and families with children belong to the category of Russian citizens, who put a subsidy for the timely payment for utility services.Get it can be if the family spends on payment of utility bills, more than 22% of total revenue and has no arrears.An additional condition is mandatory registration is on the residential area in respect of payment which requires government financial assistance.Apply for benefits can be paid to the housing office or the municipal social welfare department.There is a possibility to get a subsidy in the case of hardship to repay the debt on utility bills.

What is a subsidy for business development?

In times of financial crisis of 2009-2010.The Russian Government has adopted a series of timely measures to support small and medium business level, as well as regulated the criteria for federal assistance to businessmen who have decided to organize their own company.What is the grant to the organization's own business?This one-time grant monies from 58 to 500 thousand rubles, which the merchant can get by submitting an application to the municipal governments, providing a business plan for the future organization, the cost estimates of income and tax liabilities.It is possible to refund the money spent on the purchase of fixed assets necessary for the conduct of business: office equipment, furniture and so on.

These documents are thoroughly tested, and, if so, the entrepreneur receives the funds within the period prescribed by local authorities.The period during which the payment is to occur, can not exceed 90 days from the date of application.The state provides financial assistance in respect of individual entrepreneurs who have decided to create a new enterprise.For state financial assistance for the creation of IP is enough to provide a business plan, estimate revenues, expenses and pre-tax calculations.For this category of entrepreneurs is set by the state subsidy of 58,800 rubles.

Grants for research and development and inventions

Perspective federal government program aimed at ending the traveling abroad scientists.So what is a subsidy for scientific inventions and innovations?The organization plans to release new products or the introduction of a research project, has the right to submit a petition to the state authorities.Having set out in detail their program and cost estimate, the development plan and tentative release date of the first sample products, the company can count on a positive solution.State subsidies for scientific purposes and innovative technology now reaches 500 thousand rubles.In addition, it provides significant tax benefits for these organizations and additional benefits, especially when compared to trading companies.It is noteworthy that a grant for the development of innovations and new products can get even the students, not only eminent scientists.