Close compote of apples and grapes for the winter.

include compotes take home preservation is probably the first place in popularity.They - one of the main sources of vitamins, so necessary for us during the cold and bad weather.Quenches thirst, encouraging excellent taste and remind us of the golden years of the pore.Especially love all fruit drinks, assorted.About them further will be discussed!

Apples and grapes

apple compote and of itself a nice refreshing drink.And if you add to it a couple of clusters of the vine, or even get a real nectar, extremely fragrant!In addition, the color of the beverage and by an additive benefit.Therefore, compote of apples and grapes with great pleasure preparing hostess.For the first recipe that you are encouraged to require such a ratio main ingredients: three pieces of apple and a grape.Why so?The fact is that if a compote of apple and grape berries putting more, it may appear to someone sharp taste too sour, requiring a lot of sugar.And the apples will balance the disharmony, the result will be precisely that wonderful drink that you love so much.Typically, for the preservation of fruit blanch.Compote of apples and grapes this "operation" is not required.Grapes rinse thoroughly, otschipnite spoiled berries.Apples cut into large slices, remove seeds.Lay them washed and rinsed with baking soda banks add 2 medium-sized clusters of grapes.Containers should be filled halfway (or slightly more).Now compote of apples and grapes is necessary to pour syrup.You can cook it separately at the rate of 300 grams of sugar per liter of water.Boil, cool, pour, and then sterilized compote and roll.A can filled in the first container add water, add sugar and then boil so the banks to tighten.Volume 3 liter sterilized 30 minutes.

Paradise apples and "Moldova┬╗

Compote "apple-grape" in the winter, made from apples of paradise, will be appreciated by all.The more so because it is very easy to cook, and all the ingredients are edible, not just liquid.The main thing is that the fruits are smooth intense color, without damage, a good level of maturity, but not perespevshie.A grape varieties take the "Moldova".It is sweet, with dark blue skin, so more than other varieties combined with paradise apples.Preparation for preservation start with the fruit.Wash apples, each pinned in several places that the sterilization does not burst.Cuttings are cut so that the tails were no longer than 2 cm. Grapes with brushes gently tear off, after having washed well.In the washed apples lay the banks, pour the grapes them.Pour the sugar at the rate of 2 cups on a 3-liter jar.Pour in cold water and put on sterilized jars.The process should take half an hour.Then, as usual, roll up their caps, put upside down, wrap well and leave to cool.And then submit on the shelf and wait for the onset of the autumn-winter season to taste yummy!

Drink with vanilla aroma

If you want to cook something completely original, make a compote apple-grape, but not simple, and spices.For him the suit summer fruits and pink varieties of grape variety "Muscat", "Timur", "pink pearls" and others. Wonderful honeyed scent of perfectly combined with the aroma of vanilla and cloves, which are included in the recipe for canning.Apples cut in half, too big - 4 parts.Packagi them by banks.Each put on one bunches of grapes.No more, t. To. They are very large.Cook fill.For her, for every liter of water take 400 grams of sugar, 0.5 bags of vanilla, clove bud 4.Pour the hot syrup over the filled can, sterilize, and roll up.

canning white pouring

Very nice apple-grape compote in the winter turns of the famous varieties in combination with the same pink grapes.Honey aroma of nutmeg, for example, so in tune with the enchanting smell of the white filling that when they merge, noble bouquet literally captivates.No less harmonious and tastes of both fetuses.Because compote out so that it would be desirable to drink and drink.To cook it, you need except the fruits: 200 grams of sugar per liter of water or 300 g of honey.Yes, this canned fruit compote and honey.So, well, wash the apples, grapes, too.It is desirable that the fruit was about the same size, not small, but not too large.Then they can be put into jars intact.Each 3-quart consumed approximately 5-7 apples and 1-2 large bunches of grapes.When the fruits are spread out, cook the syrup.If you do it with honey, dilute the product with warm water.If sugar, then dissolve in boiling water, drain and cool.Cool the syrup pour into banks sterilize compote 30 minutes, then cover.

Compote with rose petals

Previous recipe can be improved, if you can find a handful or two of tea rose petals.They put in a compote for upgrading the look of the drink and improve the smell of conservation.If the fluid in the compote light color, the delicate petals give it a pinkish tone.A conservation dark grapes will have a light reddish color.Here is the magnificence you can prepare for the winter!