How to convert to Islam?

It's no secret that currently Islam is a relatively new religion.But despite this, all over the world, many people are becoming more and more accepting of this particular faith.Perhaps this is due to the fact that it most people found themselves, because the religion of Islam and the tradition most fully reflect the principles and foundations of the life of people who decided to follow her religion.That is why they start wondering how to convert to Islam.However, those people who believe that the popularity of this teaching is so great only because they do not require their members special worship wrong.After all, it does not matter to what faith you will join, in any case, you will need to honor and respect its traditions and customs, no matter what.

How to convert to Islam?

In fact, the answer to the question of how to convert to Islam, lies in your sincere desire and intention to follow this religion.That is why the main condition for the beginning of religion is a rite of initiation or acceptance.So how to convert to Islam?

become a disciple of the Muslim God is very easy.To do this, you simply need to make a full bath, and then you have to come to the mosque or just come to the Muslims, and to tell them of his intention to accept their faith.Once everything is cooked to the top of the rite of adoption of Islam, you will need to speak martyrdom or their language or their mother.This should be a number of Muslims.That's all.

Once you have accepted Islam, you have to remember that it's your religion - it's your life style and direction.After all, to be a true Muslim is to stand on the right path.Also, people of faith are very grateful to God for his God that he received them, and proud of it, observing all the traditions and customs, to sing his maker and prove to him our sincere love and devotion.After all, for them to be a Muslim - a great honor.

main objective of Islam is to educate conscientious person, help in creating a healthy family and a harmonious society, in which life is carried out only by the laws and regulations of the God Allah.

Thus, for Muslims their religion an important part of a tradition of permanent self-cleaning and self-improvement, both moral and physical.After all, their main goal in life - is to become a perfect, pure and sincere people.That is why they never commit an act that would be able to compromise them or would be regarded as an act capable of destroying the personality and identity.So, even when they are not busy service or do not carry post still sweet pleasures are not made or a bad food.Muslims are also completely reject the use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs, including their gambling is strictly prohibited.

most important value in the life of every person professing Islam, is the family.Marriage must be entered into in accordance with the law, ordinary Muslims do not recognize cohabitation and considered a sin.Raising children should be dealt with both parents, and in any case can not trust this thing maids or nannies, even if they had passed the rite of embracing Islam.Divorce among adherents of Islam is considered extremely unacceptable measure for the termination of the relationship.Husband and wife can get a divorce only after all measures aimed at preserving the cell of society, have been unsuccessful and not do anything anymore.Fornication Muslims are strictly forbidden and punishable.

Thus, despite the harsh and strict rules of Islam as a religion has proved its right to exist many years ago, and those who have made their choice in favor of it, should be proud of their faith.