Listings - what's that?

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Listings - a systematic collections of tariffs by types and groups of goods and services.In other words, the reference prices for certain items in the list.The prices are fixed in such directories are called list.

Specifics of certain types of business

Listings - it rules that allow you to adjust certain conditions of orders by other users.

consider this concept on the example of car-care centers.

today in many large cities, you can often see the emergence of service stations, like mushrooms after rain.At first glance, their content is no big deal, and for the opening of such an enterprise must be a minimum amount of effort.However, in fact, the most common form of private car service is the "normal" tire, the requirements for which are somewhat lower than conventional counterparts.So the workshops do not require a significant investment in your own content, they can bring in a good income and thus pay off quickly.Basically, these service stations located near the road, and near gas stations or garages.

Making exercise price on repairs

company to repair the rolling stock of all the services provided must have the appropriate price list.As we know from experience, a small private car service in comparison with large companies offer customers a profitable price for its work.However, the quality of their performance is often poor.Sometimes in such an understated service station price list can serve as a "free cheese".Therefore, the consumer, saving a certain amount in the future will be forced to spend more money on the elimination of various failures that are caused by nekachestveno work performed.

motorist when comparing the prices of services in different places, visiting one after another private garages can find differing prices for the execution of the same services.Therefore, this article will try to understand how to make a price on these works?

Formation price list, taking into account labor times

In determining the labor costs for the provision of repair and diagnostic works cars of different brands (both domestic and foreign) there is an indicator such as labor times.Its use greatly simplifies calculations in the service station.Thus, each such enterprise characterized by their price lists and tables in which deciphered the amount of payment for the various types of work for certain brands of cars per hour working time.Labor times for payment of work performed is used to simplify the relationship between the client and the contractor.A similar practice is widely used in other countries.As a starting point in determining the numbers accepted the manufacturer's information, which are developed and approved by the complexity of data on certain operations.In each case, they are adjusted to reflect certain features.

procedure for drawing up the price list

now move away from the car business and move on to some other sphere of services - beauty salon.

Listings - is the first thing a customer can see, coming to the barbershop.It determines exactly which services he prefers.Therefore the form of a price list can contribute in some way to improve the work of the cabin, and, accordingly, an increase in its profitability and efficiency.Therefore, the compilation of a price must be approached from the perspective of a professional, adhering to some of the recommendations.

1. Analysis of competitors' prices

Since the domestic market in the modern services, there are certain relations, and there is competition.Therefore, we can say with certainty that the price list drawn up - this is quite an effective tool in the fight against competitors.Thus, it is necessary to analyze their prices.To do this, you need to create the appropriate log analysis compared to the same salon, which entered periodically information on the cost of services.Through this magazine, the head will always be informed of any price changes.

Price list - is the ability to react promptly to any market fluctuations and preserve the attractiveness to consumers.Only after completing this step, you can go to the next.

2. Composed price list: an example

all services in the field of beauty may conditionally be divided into four main groups:

- aesthetic;

- branding;

- relaxing;

- health.

Listing Service is a document with a list of services, depending on the direction of the cabin.

3. The range of services

All procedures were carried out interior, divided into:

- hand;

- hardware;

- combined.

next stage - the definition of the range of services.

4. Development of the package of services

This service package optimally combined with each other, which can be carried out one after the other.Mostly in a package set a single price and time of event.In this case, it is advisable to use a variety of holiday action.

Summing up the presentation, you can say with certainty that the price lists - are documents of any enterprise, which is the process of drawing up creative.