How to become an ideal wife?

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Your husband - wonderful, and you do not want to lose it?Learn how to become an ideal wife and do not let anyone take possession of your treasures!

avoid bad

Some women are harder to avoid harmful for the spouse making certain - it is almost impossible to compromise without damage to his pride.However, if you're trying to learn how to become the perfect wife, you have to fight with that coming from the negativity you are not overwhelmed your spouse.

- Avoid direct criticism. This does not mean that you should not have an opinion - it means that if you do not like an action or decision of a spouse, you should say, "and if done this way - it will be better because of that," rather than "you have a bad idea. "

- Avoid quarrels and scandals. Naturally, we are talking about small household affairs, and not a broken machine, change to your best friend or returns an apartment and car Baptists.You can not quarrel over trifles - in such a way to be solved only the most serious and urgent problems, when there is no other way to say anything openly.It is ideal if you and your spouse a similar sense of humor, and you can laugh it off of claims against each other, while being aware of them and trying not to repeat the misunderstandings.

- refuses. or refuse as little as possible, unless otherwise really does.Men are very poorly perceived failure, whether the reluctance to engage in sex the night or day to cook soup.If you refuse too often - a man unconsciously begin to look for one that does not deny.

Strive for better

fact that men do not like - described above.However, there is the fact that men are very, very much - and in the collective understanding that is called diversity.

man - very curious by nature creation.He is interested only until such time as there is a variety.He will be interested to have your soup and rice, if in addition to diet, there are at least two or three dozen different types of dishes.He will be interested to have sex with you if they do not engage in the same pose, ostochertevshie its triviality.It will be interesting to chat with you, if he does not know what you'll say next.

However, this diversity must continue in a certain stability.The ideal wife is always there when you need it.This does not mean retreat home - which means attention and respect for her husband.The Good Wife - it's not the one who single-handedly pulled the strap of life and five children, and one to which her husband would come and share their thoughts and in joy and in sorrow.

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