How to fill the printing ink well

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in modern office old-fashioned stamps and pads replaced the ergonomic automatic printing.Sometimes referred to Tradate - by name famous company that produces equipment for them.With regular use of automatic Tradate dry ink pad and stamp impressions on paper become pale and blurred.Documents with pale impressions are difficult to photocopy and scanning.Legal departments of many companies can recognize such papers invalid.

If the office there was a need to fill the ink pad, you do not have to call in a specialized firm to find out how to fill the printing ink.Instructions for filling is usually available in special boxes, which sell automatic equipment.The standard recommendation - to buy a new ink pad printing.However, this advice can cost the company quite expensive.So try to find out how to fill the printing ink without damaging it, and it does not get dirty.

How to remove the stamp pads

The standard automatic printing stamp pillow is in the middle.It can be seen when viewed from the side.Photo printing with automatic indication of the ink pad is located below.

To understand how to fill a round stamp with ink, it is necessary to pull the pad.To do this, you must press the two buttons on the sides of Tradate, with a little pin down printing.If done correctly, and auto parts and accessories was not damaged, the button will record a slightly pressed state.Thereafter, using an ordinary pencil should be carefully pull out the pad with backlash.

How to prepare a print for fueling

Before you fill printing ink should be removed to clean the pad and remove it from adhering lumps of paint, pieces of paper and other possible contamination.Various dents left on a soft surface, it makes sense to smooth not sharp object.For this perfect ordinary paper clip.Gently flatten the end of it all prints.Worn not elastic pad, it almost does not absorb ink, visible on her deep dents, which can not be smooth.It makes no sense to impregnate the stamp ink pad so better to order a new - and then will not have to learn how to fill the printing ink.Photography pulled out the pads can be seen below.

How to apply stamp ink

Thus, pad printing prepared for dyeing stamp paint.The required paint made by various companies, including in our country.In no case should not fill the printing ink or other liquids - can be quickly and hopelessly to spoil it.Standard bottle has a stamp of paint dispenser, which is very convenient to apply paint to drip printing.

few drops of ink stamp should be carefully and evenly on the surface of the pads.Excess can be removed with a napkin.After painting is wait a few minutes until the liquid is absorbed into the surface.Insert the snap-in pad printing ink side down.To answer the question of how to fill the printing ink, if the automatic printing using two or three colors, you just need to consistently pull out the pads of various colors and fill them with the appropriate stamp ink.The procedure is the same as with single color printing.

Flash Print

Recently, widespread print the new model - Flash printing.From a conventional die, they differ in that their working surface, and which is applied to the impression, completely smooth.In such printing uses more colors, it is accurately and evenly applied to the paper.Flash printing much more durable, and the level of protection they are much higher.

refilling monochrome printing flash

Despite the longevity and durability, after some time is still the question of how to fill the printing ink.In order to quickly fill flash printing a simple way, you need to have on hand a syringe and a suitable ink stamp.Cliché is located on the shock-absorbing pad printing.Remove the plate and put it on a flat surface.Paint is uniformly applied several times using the syringe.Between the application should wait for some time that the ink evenly soaked into cliché.The layer of the applied liquid must not exceed 2 mm.Give the paint soak completely, wipe excess ink applied cloth and collect printing in original condition.

refill flash multicolor printing

When refueling flash multicolor printing clichés need to get as described above.This item is filled in syringes, you will need to monitor closely to ensure that colors are not mixed.Paints of different colors have different degrees of strength.Remember how to fill printing inks, it is easy: first paint is applied to one segment of the press, then the other.When filling for each color you want to use a separate syringe, otherwise the color will be muddy and blurred.After the procedure, filling paint cliche flash to the printer aside.The paint should be evenly distributed over the surface, it takes some time.Then insert a cliché and try to place the prints.