How to plant beets: gardener tips

Before sowing beets, gardeners need serious knowledge in its cultivation.Even the shape of the root depends on some characteristics of culture.The flat shape suggests that it is an early maturing variety, during the growing season which lasts 70-80 days.In round beet growing season lasts 100 days, it belongs to the middle-classes.Root crops, having a conical shape, the longest ripens under the late-maturing varieties.Naturally, the later the harvest, the more suitable products grown and gathered for winter storage.On the question of how to plant beets, there are two main answers - sowing seeds and planting seedlings.Approximate algorithm for sowing seeds consists of the following stages:

  • pre-soaking seeds before sowing (about a day);
  • timing of sowing.If it is desired to obtain early production, it is best to sow the seeds for the winter or early spring.However, they begin to grow at 3-5 degrees centigrade, and further depending on the temperature, the shoots may appear in the range of 12-20 days.For the winter crop seeds are planted in early summer;
  • direct sowing of seeds in the prepared soil to a depth of about 4 centimeters.The focus gardener in the preparation of the soil must be paid to how to plant beets with low acidity.To eliminate the scourge should be made ash or lime better.

Beetroot - a relatively cold-resistant culture, seedlings can suffer frost to three degrees.However, there are agricultural zones of risky agriculture, where it is expedient to growing beet seedlings.This is mainly the northern areas of the country.Beet seedlings in this case planted into soil in about thirty days after the closure in the area of ​​stable frost will form on the plant and about 4-6 leaves.

CARE beet

first thinning technology as a beet plant, should be carried out when the germ formed 3-4 full leaves.Step thinning shoots between approximately 3-4 cm. During this process leaves the most viable seedlings, and lags behind in development are removed.In the second thinning is carried out the same procedure, but the gap between the plants should be increased to 8-10 cm, and the root at this time should be several centimeters in diameter.After each thinning is recommended to make organic matter in the form of slurry, or to carry out fertilization rate of 30 - 50 g / sq m. In the process of how to plant beets and effectively take care of it, it fits important requirement that this culture does not tolerateshaded places, but it is very demanding on the light.

As the advice of experienced gardeners, if the beets are grown for home use, it is most effective planted around the perimeter of potato fields.Then the family is not guaranteed to stay the winter without such a recognized and useful product, it is necessary not only for cooking borsch, but also all kinds of snacks.