Lohman Brown - chickens, which are the best option for part-time farm

In order to maximize the productivity of chicken egg, which is becoming more urgent with each passing year, geneticists, breeders and breed new crosses and breeds.The company Lohmann works to improve the egg-meat-type poultry.This world-famous firm created several crosses with different color feathers and shells.The most popular deservedly chicken breed Lohman Brown.

This species of poultry productivity and large body weight, which allows it to use for food and produce eggs.They grow and develop the breed Lohman Brown chickens very quickly.Chickens become sexually mature when they reach the 135 days.The growth time is equal to 161 day, and the viability of 96-98%.Adult Chicken undergoing intensive 80 weeks of lay aged 165 to 185 days.

resulting product is colored brown, weighs 62 to 64 grams and has a high degree of quality.Postpone breed Lohman Brown hens fewer eggs, the end of the active yaytsenosheniya.After that, the birds are slaughtered for meat, as further their contents irrational: spent a lot of time and money.

main economic features of this type can not be reproduced in the resulting offspring are especially breeding of (and perhaps all) of the crosses.The breed hens Lohman Brown hybrid is crossed by several lines of the first generation.

why the bird population can be restored only by purchasing a factory for the young or the egg in the incubator room.To breed Lohman Brown hens had the largest, long declining productivity, farmers annually updated their structure.Then it is possible to contain the right amount of it at the peak of egg production.

Lohman Brown - chickens, which, besides high performance, attractive because of their ruggedness, high survival rate of young animals.They tolerate a variety of climatic conditions, including the Russian.For a small economy is the best option: the high egg production, average carcass weight - 1.8 kg, small feed costs.

in Russia were imported breed of Lohman Brown hens from Germany.A distinctive feature of the hybrid layers is that in their day-old males can be distinguished from.The females are brown in color, and males - white that attracts all the fans of their breeding.Bird is suitable for use in private households due to their large size and high mass of eggs.They lay one laying hen in an amount of 280-300 units per year, weighing 62 grams.The live weight of chicken is 1, 7 - 2 kilograms, the cock weighs three kilograms.If there is a change in conditions worse, the egg-laying birds declined sharply.

newly purchased chickens need to be put in quarantine for two weeks.At this time, watching as they peck at grain.After seven days of diet diversity, introduce additives, set the standard for a day.In case of diarrhea the water is replaced congee.If this does not help, you need to contact your veterinarian.

Laying eggs possible without sufficient light to direct sunlight.