How do I care for my laminate flooring?

To answer the question of how to care for laminate, you need to understand what it is.

Laminate - a floor covering consisting of several layers: Particleboard, stabilizing substrate, decorative paper, simulating the texture of the protective layer of melamine resin.

care laminate floors is due to the structure of this fashionable, practical and quite durable material.

its top layer is transparent.It protects the decorative coating from moisture and mechanical damage.This coating is impossible to burn, it is very difficult to put an indelible stain, it is difficult to scratch.However, under the laminate cover does not tolerate a lot of moisture.When injected into the joints of the liquid can penetrate and damage the DSP.That is why the care of the laminate must be careful and cautious.

  • coating recommended daily vacuuming.This will get rid of dust and other dry contaminants, but does not damage the floor.
  • can not wash the floor, covered with laminate, with plenty of water.Ideally, this coating will help to make wet cleaning.This fabric is washed floors, should be very soft and barely moist.
  • Laminated scratch is difficult.But if there are pets in the house with long and sharp claws, they can damage the finish in the joints.Therefore it is recommended to control the length and severity of the claws of pets.

How to care for laminate, is now clear.But what if the floor was nevertheless scratched or were chipped and cracked?This can happen if the coating is more than 10 years.

How to care for laminate if it is damaged?What if it occasionally appeared spots or other defects?

care coverage to start with prevention.What hurts most laminate flooring?Acute legs heavy furniture, women's stiletto heels, wheels chairs.Therefore it is necessary at the outset to exclude damaging effects.

  • not walk in high heels at home.
  • under furniture legs to make special substrates drape or felt.
  • Buy and install furniture wheels, specially designed for laminate flooring.
  • Avoid getting large amounts of water on the floor, especially in the seams and joints.

We all did, but the floor is still intact.How to care for laminate if it were chipped?

  • Appeared chips and cracks with putty special is recommended to treat.It can be easily purchased at any hardware store.Since putty are different, you should first read the instructions, and then acquire and use this product.
  • Stains from pens, ink or other pigments are easily derived with the help of agents based on petrol or acetone.Absolutely can not use the powder or liquid cleaners, intended for the care of parquet or other coatings.After treatment, it is necessary to laminate it with a damp cloth, then dry thoroughly.

Responding to a question about how to take care of the laminate, it should be said that for the safety of the coating is very important microclimate.Ideal conditions for the operation of a temperature of 18 ° -20 ° C and a humidity of 50% -65%.In this climate, and with proper care will last a laminate over 15 years.

Incidentally, domestic craftsmen invented a little trick.Even with very careful care plank laminate damaged a few years, especially in areas of "high permeability".What to do with the damaged portion?Replace it with a plaque from under the bed or closet.This can be done with the help of experts or independently, and an operation to replace the wire several times.So you can save money on buying a new cover and maximize the life of the old laminate.