Trusts - what's that?

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In a market economy, the independent existence of certain small industrial enterprises continues, usually no longer than 3-5 years.To survive in the competitive environment created by a variety of associations - cartels, syndicates, trusts, concerns.Consider differ than these concepts.

Types of industrial associations

cartel - an alliance of different companies particular industry.Each participant has an independent property and the right to dispose of products.Combines participants cartel agreement on the distribution market, on the issue of quotas for a given product, the joint regulation of prices.

Syndicate is a kind of cartel.The participants also remain both legal and economic independence, but for the realization of the products, as a rule, created a separate structure.This form is characteristic for the metal and mining industries.

Trust - combination in which the previously independent companies are losing the legal and financial independence.Thus there is a merger of property of participants.This is done either by combining assets of individual subjects, or upon redemption of the parent organization of the trust controlling stake in the remaining companies.That is, the trusts - is a form of a merger, in which are combined together all forms of industrial and economic activities of the participants.

Concern called the Union legally independent companies in selected industries.Such associations can be "horizontal" or "vertical", they gather in the production chains of Representatives technologically interconnected or certain types of production.Entry enterprises concerns characteristic of technologically sophisticated industries.At the same time, all participants retain legal independence, having the status of joint stock companies.

joint management of the Group carried out an umbrella organization called the holding.

Trust as a single industrial and economic complex

meaning of the word "trust" is based on the English trast - faith, trust.In economics, "trust" refers to the process of the transfer of funds in trust, and the result of this activity - the combined assets themselves.In addition, this concept implies a serious financial responsibility of the one who takes under his guardianship, said means.

Thus, the concept of "trust" involves the association of independent entities for the conduct of the general industrial and economic activity.The participants may be legal entities or individual entrepreneurs.

little history

Trust first appeared in the US in 1879.It was a giant of the oil industry "Standartoyl."Trustee exercised outside the control of the Trust economic entities.This model was later replicated in other industries.In the Russian Empire trusts were mainly foreign.Under the Soviets, the Central Executive Committee decree was defined trust as a state industrial enterprise, endowed with the right to an independent economic activity, approved the concept of the share capital and introduced the distinction between fixed and current assets.

In 1927 there was a provision for the industrial trusts, to expand the powers of property management.But by the end of 1930 as a result of changes in the management of economic activities of their rights have been severely limited.In the future, the concept of "trust" was used to refer to a separate production of the subject.

What is building trust

Construction - a sector of production, which involves the specifics of the close cooperation of all stakeholders for the organization to joint activities.Thus, building trust - is the exponential model, which gives an idea of ​​the trusts themselves.Consider this concept in more detail.

Building Trust - is the main control unit self-supporting.It has the material and human resources, and has economic independence.The structure consists of its direct production units, support services and facilities.

main objectives of the trust - quality and timely construction and commissioning of the facilities and construction sites, the intensification of building production and increase its efficiency, efficient use of capacity and increase labor productivity, reduce the cost of operations and the necessary environmental measures.

Building Trust - the organization is acting mostly by contractors.At the same time the objects are constructed and handed over to the customer in accordance with agreements concluded with the help of their own material and technical and human resources of the enterprise.

What are trusts?

building trust - it is not always homogeneous structure.They can vary greatly among themselves on the nature of contractual relationships (general contracting and subcontracting), the type of work performed (civil or specialized), areas of activity.

In addition, building trust - are organizations that have a clearly structured management system.By functional staff includes workers, craftsmen, foremen, surveyors and others involved directly productive activities.By line - officers of the trust that act as training and support workflow.

trust management is carried out by his administration.