How to lose weight after giving birth and to remove belly fat - to endure, to work and not to overeat

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Probably, among all women there are only a few who would argue that immediately after birth their body looks the same as before pregnancy.Even those who managed to avoid a set of extra kilos, agree that if they did not feel his own body, and to blame the stretched abdominal muscles.Well, most of the young mothers in the struggle to get rid of its former harmony have also on extra kilos.How to lose weight after giving birth and to remove belly fat?Here is one of the most acute problems that faces a young mother.And, of course, it does not solve itself.We'll have to work hard, and this should be ready.

own beauty - not to harm the health

Before answering the question of how to lose weight after giving birth and to remove belly fat, it should be recalled that run a fitness club immediately after discharge from the hospital is not necessary.For information on when you can start the course, you should talk to your doctor, who will make recommendations in accordance with the physical condition of the woman.In general, after the birth, you can begin to engage in a month - half (after a Caesarean section - a couple of weeks later).

second aspect, which is not to be missed - it is breastfeeding.Excessive exercise and rigid diet can ruin not yet an established lactation.

How to recover from childbirth

First of all, you have to be prepared for the fact that the recovery process quite long, and this is due in large part to physiological causes, namely hormonal changes, which lasts more than one week.It is necessary to adequately assess your physical condition.

Answering a question on how to lose weight after giving birth, and remove the stomach, we can say the following:

  • begin to move, gradually increasing the load;
  • balanced diet.

Strange but true - many young mothers who dream to lose weight, spend precious hours during a walk with the baby in the seat on the bench.What for?If it is possible for this time to get to the nearest park and walk with the stroller serious enough distance.You can argue long about how to remove the stomach and hips after childbirth, and to do nothing, even though a lot easier to start small - just more move in any free minute, do not justify themselves by saying that the house is full of hassle and a walk - the only opportunity to sit andrelax.

Daily walks with a sidecar, excluding seat on the bench - is adequate for the load has not yet recovered the body, which will be the first step on the way to a slim figure.

course, do not forget about nutrition.Pregnancy when its own gastronomic intemperance could justify, it passed.After giving birth to starve, of course, it is not necessary, but limit starchy foods, sweets and fat is necessary also because all this is harmful to the baby, feeding breast milk.

How to return to its former shape

When the physical condition and other factors make it possible to fully work out, do not need to delay, because there is nothing more permanent than temporary scored kilograms.You should begin to moderate loads, listening carefully to him.And it's better to do it in a fitness club, though, because that extra motivation can not hurt.Firstly, the very discipline that is necessary to work out the money spent on the ticket, and secondly, the success of "colleagues" set up a working mood.

answer to the question of how to lose weight after giving birth, and remove the stomach, lying on the surface.It is necessary to follow a diet and sports.And, of course, special attention will have to be paid according to problem areas in the waist: turn the hoop, swing the press in every way possible and attend classes to help reduce weight.