And discounts at the supermarket as a way to increase sales

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Supermarkets practically superseded nowadays usual shops and markets.Their advantages - huge assortment, convenience and speed of service, pleasant atmosphere.And there is such a thing as discounts and promotions in supermarkets!

Why supermarket prices?

Thus trading company increases sales.It would seem that there is a contradiction - how can raise incomes, reducing price?In fact, a reasonable and well-costed discount store bring considerable profit.

How does it work?Suppose a unit of goods worth $ 100 at a cost of 70. Proceeds from the sale - 30 rubles.If the two units to implement the goods at a discount of 90 rubles, the profit will amount to 40 rubles, which is 33% higher.In addition, to increase the turnover of money and the quantity of goods sold.

Of course, not every buyer, seeing the discount acquire two units instead of one item.But many of the announcement of the discount required to be interested.For the consumer, it is important to decide - whether he needs a second product, otherwise the deal is profitable only for the store.

Do you have a discount card?

Regular discounts on all products do not happen too often.If such shares are held regularly shop, then the price is too high in advance, which is possible only with the weak competition in the commodity niche.

common technique - sale or gift buyer with accumulative discount card or permanent discount.Often, the store can not do without it in the face of fierce competition.If the stacks are several types of favorable prices, the buyer happy "binds" is to this store.For example, the constant reduction of the map can be supplemented by other - seasonal or short-term.

Success hours and days

Some prices have a limited validity period, for example until the end of the month.Others - "floating" interest rate which decreases with each passing day.

When selling seasonal goods at the end of summer or winter discounts and promotions in supermarkets - is practically the only way to attract attention.And a great way to get rid of the weight of unsold goods.

Shares in the supermarket, confined to a specific date, also not uncommon for a long time.This could be the opening of the store, the birthday of the company or its founder, and so on. N. This is a good additional way to "light up" for the store, and immediately make a big turnover.

There are also good shopping hours (more often in the evening or morning hours, when the price for certain products below).

Other options

Often promotions, discounts in supermarkets apply to goods, is not popular.Practice shows that the growth of demand for such "illiquid" is in direct proportion to the percentage reduction in the price.

Other stocks in the supermarket are aimed at encouraging the purchase of a larger number of goods or a large amount.The percentage discount in this case may be fixed for the second and subsequent similar products or, less often, the price is reduced by each acquiring unit.This is also the discount on the purchase of more than a specific amount.

Some stocks in the supermarket can be directed to certain categories of persons - such as social discounts to pensioners.

One more look like "buy one product - get the other for free."Alternatively, the buyer receives a small gift, a souvenir, usually with advertising shop.

goods can be grouped into sets specific basis, and the cost of the kit is usually less than the total value of all of its constituent objects.

There is also a write-down of a small defect (eg, crumpled packaging).Alternatively, when returning the defective goods can offer another, but lower cost.

part of the action at the supermarket - buying on the flyer or leaflet.Such actions raise awareness of the shopping center and, as a rule, lead to an increase in sales.