Where to fly a Boeing 767 300

In the aviation industry from the very beginning formed a tradition to build planes in the common scientific and technical base.The constructor creates a basic model glider and its conceptual framework developed specific models.Airliner Boeing 767 300 was set just within a particular concept.This wide-body airliner is designed as an intermediate option between the previous machine that had a normal amount of fuselage and more powerful aircraft.The developers of the task was to create a comfortable environment for passengers and at the same time reduce the cost of operation of the aircraft.

a result of the development, testing and dovodok appeared Boeing 767 300 interior scheme which was the most convenient for passengers.Seven seats in a row have been set so that only one place located in the center between the passengers.And 87% of the seats were either a window or aisle.Boeing 767 300 is the first airliner in which passenger seats were placed in a row according to the formula 2 + 3 + 2.If you recall

the domestic Tu-154, then it uses a 3 + 3.It would seem that only one seat less, but in the cabin Russian ship closely.And in an awkward position there are two passengers out of six.

fact that the fuselage of the Boeing 767 300 by almost half a meter wider than the previously accepted norms.And thanks to an increase in the cabin were not one, but two passes.Beauty has become not only more comfortable but also more spacious.Depending on the Boeing 767 300, on board can accommodate more than three hundred passengers.This option is designed for charter flights, and does not involve the separation of salons in terms of comfort.In the more common form when on board there are different classes of salons, placed in the plane 224 passengers.This cargo compartments capable of receiving more than one hundred cubic meters of luggage.This figure is more than forty percent more than the similar characteristics of the aircraft of this class.

If you look at 767, a photo is shown on the many screens, posters and booklets, it is easy to see that he was as massive as other aircraft to make flights for the same distance.By the way, its flight range is about eight thousand kilometers.In this context, the question is why the increase in the volume of the external aircraft has improved its technical and consumer characteristics?No supernatural mysteries or secrets in this case.Engineering, systems approach and the use of innovation in related areas of knowledge allowed to create such a machine.

The first thing that must be said - is to improve the aerodynamics of the airframe.The second component of success - the use of more powerful engines.767 300 has the ability to take on board much more fuel.A simple logic dictates that the more fuel on board, the longer may be the flight.The flight control system, takeoff and landing was also upgraded.The cockpit instead of a large number of sensors, indicators, and other devices, but they are located very compactly.In particular, it should be noted that the operation of the aircraft used for the most advanced avionics suite developed by the American company.