Soda ash - an indispensable agent for industry

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Soda in the dehydrated state is a colorless crystalline powder.In nature, it occurs in large quantities mainly in the form of salt formations in underground brines, minerals and brine in salt waters.Also, soda ash is the ash contained in several algae.

In modern industry, sodium carbonate (soda chemical name) produced during the Solvay process in complex processing of nepheline, from the natural carbonation of soda and sodium hydroxide.The most environmentally friendly is it derived from natural raw materials.

This substance was known to the ancient Egyptians, who used it as a detergent and glass melting.Extracted from the waters of its salt lakes.The first artificial pure soda ash has been allocated Frenchman AL Duhamel du Monceau.In nature, the main deposits of sodium carbonate are in Canada, the US, Kenya, South Africa and Mexico.The most famous salt lakes rich in soda ash in the water o.Serls in California and o.Natron in Tanzania.

It is highly soluble in water due to hydrolysis of the salt soda solution has an alkaline reaction.This substance is a very important raw material in the chemical industry (production of paints and detergents).Most ash is used as a blend component in the manufacture of glass, the manufacture of soap and other detergent.Soda ash is a raw material for producing various sodium salts (including caustic soda).Use it in tanning leather, pulping neutralize acidic components during cleaning oil.In addition, it serves as energy for softening water supplied to steam boilers.Found soda ash use in metallurgy.There is a tool used for refining and degreasing metals, processing of bauxite (the raw material for aluminum), desulphurization of pig iron.Delivered to customers in disposable soda special soft containers Big-Bag, with a weight of up to 800kg, or bituminized or five-layer laminated bags (weight 50 kg).For the bulk transport of the substance use special hoppers and sodovozy.

Soda ash is used in everyday life.Ordinary people encounter it in food or as a constituent of detergents and water softening agents.In the production of food, it is known as the additive E500 regulating acidity or baking powder, anti-caking and lumping.As detergent soda effectively removes fat.Due to its ability to soften the water, it is used when washing enamel, porcelain, china, while boiling and washing fabrics.It is included in most detergents and funds from deposits.Soda used to neutralize the acidic components in the wastewater.This substance has allergic and irritant, its effects on the body - moderately hazardous.