The system "Grad" - the fury of the heavens

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multiple launch rocket systems "Grad" is known even to those who have weapons and military equipment is not interested.It is the direct heir of military glory of the legendary "Katyusha", which heralded a new era of the development of artillery systems, embodied all the basic performance characteristics inherent and subsequent generations MLRS: small-sized, high mobility, surprise and the possibility of one volley hit multiple targets at very large areas.

From the first volley of "Katyusha", from which the earth itself rose on its hind legs, and the fascist hordes came in a state of panic, and to this day Russian missile launchers are the best in the world.The system "Grad", entered service in the now distant 1963, replaced the "Katyusha" and became the basic type of missiles of the Soviet Army.For many years, this reactive system does not know equal among similar types of foreign missile.

Installation "Grad", the development of which was approved by a special directive of the government in 1960, had an original design based on a fundamentally new and have never been used engineering solutions.The development of MLRS engaged NII-47, led by a talented designer AN weaponsGognichevym.The system "Grad" was designed to replace an outdated missile system BM-14.

as ammunition in the installation used 122-millimeter high-explosive shells M-21 PF.The system "Grad" was intended to suppress the areas of concentration of armor and enemy troops, artillery and mortar batteries, parts supply, bunker fortifications and nodal points of support.That is the scope of these systems has been very diverse.The need to create such an effective type of weapons at the time dictated by the tense confrontation between political systems and the consequent "cold war."

system "Grad" consists of a launcher mounted on the base of Ural-375 trucks, fire control mechanism and special vehicles transporting ammunition and charging.The following modifications to the chassis used as an all-terrain truck Ural-4320.The speed of these missiles is up to 90 km / h, which provides extremely high mobility and maneuverability.

modern system "Grad" is equipped with a special automatic starting complex "Vivarium".It fires unguided 122-mm shells.For information on the location of the goals and nature of processing computer system, which is an important part of the entire battery.The staffing of the plant produces a volley of twenty seconds, and the cooldown is only seven minutes.Submission of ammunition carried charging platform of special design.Staff ammunition one battery consists of three volleys.This is sufficient to destroy virtually any purpose.

Warhead MLRS "Grad", the purpose of which - the guidance and launching warheads, consists of forty tubular guide 3 m. In diameter and the barrel channel, equal to 122.4 mm.Horizontal and vertical aiming the projectile made a special powerful electric drive.

systems "Grad" proved themselves during the Afghan war in the Karabakh conflict and both Chechen campaigns.This missile system enjoys huge popularity in almost all Arab and African countries where civil wars often become sluggish and permanent character.