Integrated helicopter design company "Helicopters of Russia"

Ā«Helicopters of Russia" - an integrated helicopter design company that produces helicopters for both military and civil aviation.This holding company brings together leading designers, production plants and related businesses.

Ā«Helicopters of Russia" (see below photo) is a company full cycle includes absolutely all the technological areas: development, manufacture, sale, repair.

demand for products and services of the integrated group is quite large.Helicopters acquired in the first place, the Russian authorities (FSB, the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergency Situations), airlines and other large firms.

For example, in 2010 signed a contract for the supply of Utair40 (airline) helicopters Mi-8/47.It is the largest of the contract concluded between the Russian commercial operator and manufacturer.In addition, the Ministry of Defense plans to purchase about 1,000 helicopters in the next seven years, including - "Night Hunter" Mi-28N and "Alligator" KA-52 (combat, new Russian helicopters).

Today, the union is considered not only the production and sale of helicopters but also but the whole cycle - "the development, production and sale, repair, recycle."

Actually, the company "Helicopters of Russia" has launched a program of after-sales service, which is to increase the market share of Russian helicopters to 30% by 2020.Deliveries of components and distribution of applications for repair and maintenance entrusted Helicopter Service Company (a subsidiary of "Russian Helicopters).

It should be noted that this company is on the list of the main largest manufacturers of helicopters.Products in demand in most countries.The highest demand for Russian-made helicopters in the CIS, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and the Pacific.

main task of uniting today - the modernization of the most popular types of equipment, including - light helicopters "ANSAT" and Mi-34S1.Certificate issued by the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) proved to be excellent multi-purpose helicopter Ka-32A11BC, not only increased its sales outlets and opened a new market, but also raised the rating of association as a whole.

At the moment, "Russian Helicopters" stand in the way of implementation of promising projects.It has developed a range that includes such popular models as the Mi-34C1, Ka-226T, Mi-171M, Mi-38, Ka-62, "ANSAT" and others.

Development Bank opened financing for a project related to the development and organization of serial production of light multipurpose helicopter Ka-226T helicopter and with increased load capacity Mi-38.In addition, work has begun on a new high-speed helicopter.A MI-8/17 expects a deep modernization (working title models - MI-171A2).

But of particular interest are the new Russian helicopters ("helicopters of the future"), and with the appearance of "filling" that developers need to decide by 2025.The basis of the on-board equipment will be included a so-called artificial intelligence (neural networks).The task of designers - to create a machine to meet the most innovative developments.The concept of future samples should lie down and indicators such as flight safety, environmental friendliness.