National parks: Serengeti.

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Africa have often been associated with a variety of wild animals.Here is the highest density of wildlife, as well as a rich variety of fauna in comparison with other continents of the Earth.

There are a variety of national parks.Serengeti - one of them.By the way, the continent has the largest number of national parks in the world - 335 pieces.They were able to find protection around 100,000 species of insects, 1,100 species of mammals, 3,000 species of fish and 2,600 species of birds.Also here there are various nature reserves, parks, national, marine and forest reserves.

Continent rich variety of habitats.Plain dry savannah and tropical rainforests in the Sahara have become a haven for a variety of wildlife.It is home to a huge number of fascinating animals, some of them are threatened with extinction.In addition, it is believed that this is the place the appearance of the first humans.


It hosts various national parks.Serengeti - a famous park, which wants to get every tourist who seeks to explore the real Africa.

Without a doubt, this place is the most famous treasure trove of wildlife around the world.He does not know his peers at the scientific value and beauty.Africa's Serengeti National Park - the most popular and oldest park in Tanzania - is famous for its annual migration: more than 6 million pairs of feet trampling the plain, while 300,000 gazelle and 200,000 zebra along with wildebeest looking for fresh food.But even without the Serengeti migration possible bright safari in Africa: the huge herds of buffalo, giraffes and elephants group, an incredible amount of swamps, eland, impala, Grant's gazelle and kongoni.

Town Park

The region of Tanzania, in which the Great African Rift, is the famous Serengeti Park (map it is presented in this article).Its northern neighbor is considered Kenyan Masai Mara Reserve, and to the southeast on the border of the Ngorongoro.

little history

these lands long remained absolutely wild.But about a hundred years ago, this place came the Maasai - the northern nomadic tribes, who had domesticated cattle.

in the Serengeti region in 1891 came the first European - Oscar Baumann (German), who was an explorer and naturalist.Here, in 1913, started its activities early hunters.Within a few years this place was the process of formation of the reserve, which became the basis for this national park, which he began in 1951.This action contributed to the understanding of the need to preserve African wildlife as frequent hunting could lead to a rapid reduction in the number of lions that at some time were considered pests.

From Serengeti 8 years rezervant identified, called Ngorongoro.

In 2009, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the park, scientists have reported that these unique lands should be protected from the frequent visits of foreigners, by whom in Africa now actively developing tourism.To do this, we offered to restrict access to the national parks.Serengeti not one of them.But today, travelers can not get to the Olduvai Gorge, which in the present moment investigating the traces of ancient people.It made it to the purity and safety of all research findings.

Park Name

name of the area means "extended portion".Here the climate is specific, that contribute to violence of all forms of life.It also affects the way of life of the inhabitants of the area.


mainly in the Serengeti is warm and dry, although there is the rainy season.Here he is in the spring.In the middle of fall also possible precipitation, but they were considerably less.

Landscapes in the rainy season are full of flowers and herbs, while in the rest of the time is gradually coming drought.At that time, the residents of the National Park start to migrate to find water to sustain life.

air temperature does not fluctuate too much here - in the area 15-25˚S.The Serengeti coolest period - is June-October, especially in the evening.


Serengeti National Park also has different landscapes:

  • Center - Savannah;
  • south - meadows;
  • west - many plains and forests;
  • southeast - volcanoes;
  • north - forest hills.

In each part, you can find a small river, marsh or lake.

Modern views are very far from the original that there was once a time when a general view of the earth's surface formed volcanic activity.Then he took a lot of time on the ground acting elements, thus creating a current image, which can be estimated by examining the photos Serengeti.


Special conditions make it possible to develop different types of flora and fauna that are currently scattered in national parks.Serengeti is the largest number of its citizens:

  • birds (500 species);
  • animals (about 35 species);
  • reptiles (350 species).

here among the animals there:

  • Thompson gazelle (more than 0.5 million.)
  • wildebeest (about 2 million.)
  • zebra (more than 0.25 million.)
  • elephants;
  • giraffes;
  • rhinoceroses;
  • baboons;
  • porcupines and others.

can meet and other predators:

  • cheetahs;
  • about 3,000 lions;
  • jackals;
  • hyenas;
  • leopards.

Famous bird Africa:

  • vultures;
  • flamingos;
  • martial eagles;
  • storks;
  • ostriches.

There are reptiles:

  • crocodiles;
  • snake;
  • lizard.

animal migration

travelers in Serengeti Reserve attracted several fragments from the life of the inhabitants of the wild, the main of which is considered to be the great migration of ungulates, to be more precise, the wildebeest and zebra.Millions flock of these animals are carried in the picturesque and vast localities Serengeti.

behind them should be sent necessarily predators, do not miss the right moment for any fruitful hunting.They were already rushing and scavengers, are mandatory link in the chain of supply of places.

This migration takes place in the National Park during the period February to June.Herds in this time moving in a northerly direction, moving at the same time along the eastern part.In September, they go back and get to December, south through the western lands.

rainy period makes herbivores move in the Masai Mara - there are arranged fresh pastures.If there is no rain, the plains of the north are virtually deserts.And so it happens all the time - people of the Serengeti (Africa) chasing over long distances for food, all the while risking their lives.

Terms tourist

In the national park there are all conditions for the comfortable stay of tourists.A large number of hotels, campsites and campgrounds provide the convenience of visitors stay.In the park there are restaurants where you can tasty, hearty and inexpensive meal.A great time to visit this park - it is the dry season.Then visitors can see firsthand how life flows predators.During the wet season it is possible to see how the migration of herds passes ungulates.

It is worth noting that the visit to the Serengeti will not leave anyone indifferent, and for a long time emotions will provide even the most experienced travelers.