Credit budding entrepreneurs - Myth or Reality?

start their own business - the desire of many of our citizens.A successful development of the business - the dream of every entrepreneur.But often it happens that prosperity requires investment funds.And credit budding entrepreneurs sometimes just necessary.After all, we need money for rent, purchase of goods, in the case of trade enterprises on staff salaries and much more.Not every person has the required amount, so you have to look for sources of funding.Many banks have promised to help entrepreneurs, but try to understand how it is real.

obtain financing young business can really, but in most cases, a number of restrictions:

  1. Credit budding entrepreneurs shall be issued only on the security of property.Banks can understand.The risk in opening a new business is very large, high probability of bankruptcy and, consequently, a non-return debt.Credit departments are trying to protect themselves and take the mortgaged property, which can be sold quickly.But a beginner businessman may simply not have owned any property.
  2. alternative collateral may serve as a guarantor.However, its financial condition must be such that he could repay the debt in the event of an emergency.Thus, the risk is already the guarantor, and not always possible to find a man ready to take this step.
  3. As a rule, credit experts of banks give preference to those companies that have already successfully operating in the market for at least six months.Under this condition, the loan beginning entrepreneur to open a business will not succeed.
  4. If the banks were willing to meet successful companies, reducing interest rates, softening conditions, the newly opened businesses face enormously high interest rates and stringent loan requirements.
  5. maximum amount to lend much lower than that experienced entrepreneurs.In the best case it will be able to get no more than three million rubles.

Analyzing all the above, we can see that credit budding entrepreneurs get very, very difficult.And all the talk about the help of a young business - just a waste of words.

Of course, in fairness it should be noted that the situation is not quite tragic.Prospective business owners will have to do a lot of banks, to listen to a lot of failures, but after a long "walking through Hell," he did succeed with proper persistence.

Recently, a number of credit institutions willing to provide loans to budding entrepreneurs in the more loyal conditions.These include the lack of collateral and guarantors, no threshold of Business, which is so important in the beginning.You may receive such a loan to a natural person.The Bank is guided by the fact that entrepreneurs are interested in developing their own business, that he would do everything in order to avoid bankruptcy, but because the borrowed money back to the credit organization.Of course, interest rates are still quite high, but it is still better than not getting anything at all, and say goodbye to the dream of your own business.