Working capital management enterprise in the conditions of use micrologistical strategy

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main parameters of effective management of working capital of the enterprise assumes the size of financial investments (the deposit) and the period of payments to suppliers.

The input subsystem controlled micrologistical from consumers of finished products receives funds to a certain extent, and after a set period of time (the period of settlements with customers).In addition, the input received short-term bank loans and cash to return deposits.

on output controls micrologistical subsystem to pay for the supply of material resources received money after the shipment of material resources.On the output is also received cash to pay taxes and contributions, the funds for the return of short-term bank loans, funds for the formation of deposits, ieall the financial component of the company's capital.

Working Capital Management Company in the regulation of the level of funds in the bank and deposit accounts is as follows.First of all, at the beginning of the plan period opens a deposit account in the amount of money that exceeds the amount of the deposit.If this amount is less than the deposit, the deposit account is not opened.Thus, the opening of a deposit account is postponed until the time when the condition is exceeded.In addition, if the settlement account of the current stock of money is less than zero, it is necessary to take a short-term loan in the bank.If on the settlement account of the current stock of money exceeds the amount of the loan, which is first in line for repayment, it is necessary to pay off the loan.

If the time of receipt of the loan reaches the end of the billing period, which issued a short-term credit, working capital management companies should be directed to repay the loan.In this part of the loan is repaid by a deposit, for which the required amount is transferred from the deposit account.As soon as possible the value of the deposit account is again restored to the previous level.

Regulation of settlements with suppliers and working capital management companies in this field, as follows.Suppliers of material resources come from the proposal the subject of management on the value of a reasonable period of settlement.In turn, the vendor is also the subject of management receives information about the acceptable value calculation period.

If payment of material resources occurs through a specified period of time after the shipment of material resources.When the company is not threatened by bankruptcy, the payment of material resources is through an additional adjustable time period, and the value of payments to suppliers, understating which will not lead to the loss of solvency of the enterprise.In addition, there is a salary since the last time the payment of wages.Also, there is a payment of taxes and contributions since the last time the calculation of taxes and contributions.

As practice shows, the management of equity investments as external influences (disturbances) implies prices of material and energy resources and the periods of settlement of payments.With such control, management techniques equity (Money Management, MM) are the same, but it is advisable to consider priority ones that can most effectively resist risks.So MM should be made stricter, so that the safety deposit was higher in importance than profitability.

solve such a problem can management subsystem, which operates as follows.

to the control subsystem receives information about the external influences on the control object and information about the internal state of the system.In addition to the control subsystem receives information about the results of the management of the facility: the size of the optimality criterion, the actual value of the index, which imposes restrictions (in the form of standard indicators).First of all, based on the amount of current assets and current liabilities are determined by the object and purpose of the control imposed restrictions that implemented using a complex target functions.

If management objectives do not change the subject, the further there is calculation of optimality criterion and fundamental indicators.