Airplane passenger IL 18

IL 18 is designed as an all-metal monoplane, equipped with turbine engines AI-20 designer AGIvchenko.In the mid-50s of the twentieth century, it was determined that the aircraft equipped with piston engines, can not cope with the increasing flow of passenger traffic.There was a need for aviamashinah having a large seating capacity and flight speed, thus ensuring a good distance.

decision on the production of passenger aircraft IL 18 model was approved by the Council of Ministers №703-404 in 1956 on 25 May.Design work on the development of the aircraft started in 1954.The first test flight of the aircraft occurred in July 1957.In test flights involved cars with engines AI 20 and NC 8. During the tests it was found that the AI ​​engine design 20 more reliable, and that this engine was chosen for the production model of the passenger aircraft IL 18. The mass exploitation of new liner launched in 1959.Aviamashina equipped with four turbine engines, has become a model in the first generation of passenger aircraft with turbine engines.The prototype has 75 seats.In the operation of Ilyushin Design Bureau constantly improve the aircraft, creating new modifications.Increase comfort, safety, reliability, range and capacity of the cabin.In 1958, the model was created with increased IL 18A to 89 seats the passenger compartment and weighing up to 58 tons.A little later, the plane made with a new modification of the IL 18 B having a takeoff weight of 61.5 tons.

aerodynamic configuration provides the greatest possible safety of flight with strong economic performance.Particular importance was given to the arrangement of the wing IL 18, which allows a photo to see it.The fuselage has a semi-monocoque design with elements reinforced in places manholes and the attachment points of the wing, the nose landing gear and tail.IL 18 Control system manual consisting of the servo tab, loading the springs rudder and rods made of alloy alyumievogo.The hydraulic system is used to ensure the release and landing gear, braking mode, turns the front support, feathering propellers and wiper.

great importance and security in the airliner.The IL 18 is equipped with engines that provide flight aviamashiny with the possible failure of up to two of them.In order to improve safety were used unique designs.For example, in the hot part of the engine is provided insulation refractory walls.Conclusion exhaust pipe passes over the wing.The aircraft provides a powerful firefighting system.Radar warning about the storm, set in the bow of the aircraft under the fairing.The aircraft successfully completed the task of the state tests, and began mass-produced in 1959.He successfully operated and now.In the period to 1960 IL 18 set several records in distance and altitude with various payload.