Who is the engineer PHE: responsibilities and rights specialist

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Staffing any company which is engaged in construction activities, including the position of "Engineer PHE".The PTO is engaged in engineering?Responsibilities and main functions of the specialist described in the article.

will understand in the first place with the acronym VET.It stands for "Technical support" in the composition of the department and worked as an engineer PHE.His duties consist in the fact that the employee should be able to make, develop, execute the entire list of project documents.

Naturally, the specialist should have an education in the field of construction and experience of at least three years.However, there are organizations that are willing to work with a person with secondary education and experience of 12 months.It depends on the nature of the activity and scale of the tasks.

Engineer PHE is governed by applicable laws, the company adheres to the charter, he must perfectly know the contents of orders and instructions of the company or companies, regulatory and technical documents that regulate the activity of the company.

Duties Engineer PHE:

  • Conducts control over budget documentation for construction work at the facility.Calculates cost and keeps a check of completed work.
  • Prepares cash-estimate documents on additional types of work.
  • Checks estimate and customer settlement documents and prepares reports on the quality of work.
  • Produces material cost calculation, together with subcontractors and coordinate with customers and design organizations.
  • They prepared cost estimates, which are not provided at the cost of the unit and the rate of the cost, if necessary, the working documents in consultation with customers.
  • was preparing materials for consideration of disputes with subcontractors.
  • Checks KS 2 firms subcontractors.
  • performing missions in the service of the head of the organization.
  • Leads reporting documentation.

requirements specialist

Engineer PHE, whose responsibilities include the knowledge of all the fundamentals of technological processes in manufacturing and construction, should have a deep knowledge of that affect other areas of work for the firm.

The domestic version is used another word - "price calculation".This is also an engineer PHE.His duties are also in the responsibility for:

  • Non-use of the full scope of all the rights that are given to him on the basis of job descriptions.
  • distortion of reliable information about the level at which performed the task and receiving orders.
  • Violation turnaround time.
  • Failure to comply with orders and instructions of the administration of the organization.
  • Failure to set the internal regulations of the organization rules TB.

Responsibilities Engineer PHE construction also provide for the following rights:

  • Introduction to project documents and decisions of the administration of the organization, which relate to his work.
  • Management report on the shortcomings identified due to their work.
  • Proposals to correct the deficiencies.
  • improvement work that is related to his duty, provided documents on the job description.