What is the most effective remedy for cellulite?

Fighting cellulite needs to be integrated.This massages and body wraps and mud baths.Well, to enhance the effectiveness of these procedures is necessary to use aids.You can buy them in pharmacies and specialized departments, but you can use what is at hand.So, what the most effective means of cellulite?

Honey Honey contains a lot of nutrients: vitamins, amino acids, micro and macro.They help to reduce fat and cellulite, eliminate toxins and waste products, making skin more elastic and silhouette fit.Honey is used in most anti-cellulite treatments: massages, wraps, scrubs.For example, in the opinion of the majority of women, the most effective remedy for cellulite, sagging and excess weight - a honey massage.The beauty is that you can do it on their own, without the help of therapists or family members.The process of implementation of the honey massage is quite simple: on the problematic sites pat palms, smeared with honey.Despite the simplicity, the procedure is quite painful, but extremely effective.Also, medical scrubs is the basis of anti-cellulite body wraps and mixtures.


Its main component is caffeine, which helps burn fat, stimulate the metabolism and elimination of toxins.Coffee ranks second (as the most effective remedy for cellulite).It is used in masks and body wraps.But its main advantage - the ability to peel.Ground coffee is the basis for most abrasive scrubs cellulite.The processing unit was problematic with its contents, can not only activate krovoottok that saturate the cells with oxygen, but also give the skin elasticity.

Sea salt

Due to its unique composition (iodine, calcium, magnesium, iron), sea salt is a component of many cosmetic products for body care.Use it at home is a pleasure: it is affordable, anti-cellulite treatments, and its application does not require special training.The main feature of salt - it is removing excess fluid from the tissues.Even stagnant processes amenable to its influence: activates lymph flow, reduce swelling, the skin is tightened.Use bath salts, scrubs, masks and body wraps.This method is very dry skin, so it is recommended to complete the procedure, using a nourishing, moisturizing cream or cellulite.Reviews of people who used the sea salt, mostly positive.The systematic use of notes reduce the volume and swelling due to fluid excretion.


more expensive, but the most effective remedy for cellulite in its price category - a kelp.It is sold in powder form or plates.Laminaria contains iodine, polysaccharides, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, phosphorus, sulfur, iron, magnesium, bromine, and nitrogen containing substances karotinidy.This unique combination of active ingredients promotes the breakdown of subcutaneous fat, skin renewal, destruction of mounds of cellulite, eliminate excess fluid and toxins.Kelp used in the form of applications and wraps.

Blue clay cellulite

Blue clay - it is environmentally friendly and extremely useful product with healing properties.Its deposits are at a depth of 80-100 meters - it is the secret detention of many useful minerals.But many still find a use in the fight against illnesses such as obesity and cellulite.How to get rid of orange peel with clay?The main application of the clay found in the form of baths, wraps and applications.After applying clay desirable skin moisturizer as it loses a lot of fluid and too dry.Virtually all said means (except kelp) are arranged in the mixture, increasing the properties of each other.Scrubs, wraps, baths and massages can be supplemented with a mixture of essential oils and spices, such as cinnamon or red pepper.