How to get rid of belly after giving birth: diet, exercise, massage

motherhood causes women not only to change the understanding of their role in society, but also to find new ways to keep yourself in shape.Many young women concerned with their appearance and did refuse happiness to have children for fear that spoil the shape.But many celebrities who earn figure, do not fear, and giving birth, mothers are happy, returning beauty.The problem with most young have given birth - the shape of the abdomen.How to get rid of belly after giving birth?

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First of all, I have to lose weight.Most moms gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy, but because of the unusual hormonal fat is stored in the abdomen.Therefore, even a whole slender women need the most effective way to lose weight - low-carb diet in combination with any set of aerobics, jogging or walking.Exclusion - women after cesarean section.They can recommend the first few months, only to diet, to remove belly fat after giving birth.

Aerobics?How fit

What you need to do aerobics?How to get rid of belly after giving birth?Standard 20-minute set on the video will not help.Need training equivalent to an hour of running (8-10 km) each day.Output - only once a week.After 2-3 months do not recognize myself, if we exclude the high carbohydrate foods parallel loads.The stomach is reduced.But at the same time pull it?

Swing, swing and swing ... But with knowledge!

After several months of dieting and aerobic exercise can start the good old abdominals.Why not immediately?How to get rid of belly after giving birth by exercise?Result to weight loss you will not see, and therefore will be tempted to stop dealing with weight loss and improving the shape of the abdomen.Exercises to get rid of belly - a common, familiar with the physical education classes to strengthen the press.Only obliques exercises do no more than two episodes a week.You do not need a wide waist.And it is better to do the exercises at the so-called lower press (so called because one muscle).When developed the "upper", usually with him developed lumbar muscles and thighs, which is not always looks nice as a result.

Leather wants attention

When you tighten the abdominal wall, your belly is almost gone.What to do with the skin, so it does not spoil the picture of a beautiful new belly?Prepare scrub from used coffee or other solids and make him a massage, strong heating of the skin.It would be better supplied with blood, and its layers - change and the next pregnancy will begin to fade.The skin will be tightened.How to get rid of belly after giving birth?Sweat and blood.Only in this way, no magic creams and shorts does not exist, do not waste money and mocked him.It is better to buy a tasty and healthy meal itself and excellent baby food to the child saved by "dummy" funds.Sense will be more.

Does it make sense to go to the gym?Once dropped the first 3-5 kg ​​with diet and running, you can start going to the gym.Agree with relatives for help with a child - and engage them.Women who take care of themselves, less likely to suffer from postpartum depression.