Prince - is the highest noble title.

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Prince - is a title.During feudalism it wore the head of state, who was the sole ruler.In the hands of the prince he was concentrated all power.This term has been endowed with the highest sense of the Slavs and the other peoples of Europe in the 9 -16 centuries.Later, the prince - it was already a supreme nobility.

who is called the Prince?

Slavic prince considered the leader of the tribe, and later, during the period of early feudalism - the head of state or a single territory.First, the princely power was elective, but after a time, from the 9th to the 16th century, it became inherited from father to son.So, there was a kind of Rurik in Russia, where the rulers were great princes Oleg, Igor, Yaropolk.It was not until the early 18th century, when the title of Prince in Russia was the only hereditary.

But during the reign of Peter 1 title loses its prestige, as in Russia began arriving foreigners from Europe, called princes.This began to bestow the title of his subjects for certain services which have special importance for the state.The first was granted to the princes of Peter's favorite Alexander Menshikov 1.At the dawn of the Great October Socialist Revolution this and all other titles of nobility were abolished.

Grand Duke - who is it?

this ancient title called rulers of the Russian state.Rhode Rurik began to expand, causing the need to distinguish between the older kind.They were titled "The Grand Duke."First it was the honorary title of all.Grand Duke - a ruler who does not have the right to interfere in the management of which was carried younger princes.When Andrew Bogolyubskii ruined Kiev, began to assign the title prince of Vladimir, Kiev also called them by tradition.

during the Tatar power is vested with the title of Khan.Then the great princes had the right to interfere in the administration of the feudal princes.In the time of Vasily the Dark finally became the capital of the great princes of Moscow.During the reign of Ivan the title 3 is gradually replaced by the title of Emperor.Grand Duke called feudal princes and if their land is fragmented and segregated from the Vladimir, and then the Moscow principality.The title "prince" over time became overgrown and complemented differences: His Serene Highness Prince, Grace.

Significant milestones reign of Prince Igor

  • Igor - the ruler of Kiev to 912 years.He came to power after the death of his brother Oleg.The total period of his rule for 32 years.During this time, the prince managed to conquer the Uglich and Drevlyane, forcing them to pay tribute, followed by annual poisoned himself with his retinue.These trips are called "personal collection of tribute," and played in the life of Igor fatal.
  • In 1913, under his leadership had made a trip to the shores of the Caspian Sea, the approaches to which were controlled by the Khazars.When the prince and his entourage came to Baku for further promotion of the Khazars had to promise half the production.It really turned out to be huge.I promised to share the Khazars received, but it was not enough for this.There was a terrible battle.It prince Igor has lost almost all of his troops.
  • prince of Kiev - the only Russian commander, gathered to fight the great battle Polovtsy squad.But this time, the goal of Igor was different: it was necessary to free the Russian land from the Pechenegs, who first attacked Russia.They, like nomadic tribes Ugric peoples, the Bulgars, Avars, came from the east.The Pechenegs, unable to withstand a meeting with Igor strong army, withdrew and went to Bessarabia, bringing terror to its neighbors.In 915, the defeated foreigners made peace with Prince Igor, which in five years has been broken by them.With the 920, the nomadic Pechenegs again began to encroach on Russian land.
  • 935 a year marked by campaigns to Italy, together with the Greeks.Generally the period of the reign of Igor in the annals preserved little information.

  • Prince Igor - is the successor and follower of his brother Oleg.But his reign was nothing remarkable to 941 years, until he made a trip to Constantinople, which ended with the complete defeat of squads: more than half of the soldiers were killed.Byzantines in the battle used Greek fire.
  • defeated in the last campaign, Prince Igor in 943 year again went to the PATH battle against the Greeks.But Bulgarians and Byzantines, Khazars were warned about this.The Greeks offered favorable to the Russian prince world.Igor took it.
  • In 944 the rulers of the two countries signed a new treaty of peace.Its essence is that the world will last as long as the sun will shine and the world stand.The signing of the agreement was of great significance as it was the first international instrument to which the country was called "Russian land".Igor returned to the winner of this campaign, without entering into battle with the Byzantines.

Time seemed to failures of the past and the old Igor is the time to rule peacefully.But that was not the case.Began perturbations own grand teams of emptiness of the treasury as a result of the frequent unsuccessful campaigns and payments to hired soldiers.Igor vigilantes called him to walk to collect tribute with them.Such campaigns were called Poljud, resulting collect tribute from the tribes subservient.

Death of Prince Igor

prince of Kiev - Rurik's son.Igor was killed by his own unreasonableness.When, during the next polyudye tribute to Drevlyane was collected, under pressure of his squad, he decided to return to Iskorosten and collect tribute for the second time.But he went camping with a small number of warriors, as a major part of it went to Kiev with the booty.That was his mistake.Igor does not accept the Drevlyane leave their land and not to make a second collection of tribute, for which he was executed together with his soldiers.During the reign of Prince Igor is characterized by the proliferation of power in the vast territory of Rus: on both sides of the Dnieper River in its upper and middle reaches, to the Caucasus in the south-east and the north of the Volkhov.