Contests for drunk company in nature - sports, funny, creative

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to holiday outside the traditional walls went merrily, it is necessary that there are exciting, creative competitions for drunk the company's nature.Leaving the city, people want to relax, to feel like children, just have some fun.That is why the competitions for drunk company in nature can be a real highlight of the holiday.

«Hit the toilet»

Many competitions for drunk company at the nature of competition reminiscent of "Merry starts" and held teams.The meaning of this event lies in the fact that players have to hit a ball, pebble or ball in the goal - a hole in the lid of the toilet, suspended from the branches of a tree.Throws team members produce in turn, the winner is the team that more times exactly fall into the goal.

«Jumping Kangaroo»

There are other competitions for drunk the company's nature.For example, the jump competition.Each participant must make a jump, starting and landing on the seat with both feet at once, like a kangaroo.The mark should be placed near the heels party and the next player begins to jump, setting the socks before the feature marked by the previous player.

«Running a burden»

It is important to include the entertainment of the holiday the most exciting sports games.Contests for drunk companies, with the participation of which is given a certain exercise, make alcohol more quickly decompose in the body, which ensures lower stage of intoxication.Very exciting competitions in running men-knights "burdened" slung over his shoulder, "the lady of the heart."

«-aimed pivopady»

What is the waterfall, they know everything.But what is "pivopad"?It Flowing stream of beer.Such competitions for drunk company is difficult to carry out in the room, as there is a risk of spilling the drink on the floor.That is why and it should only be carried out on the street.The participants issued a bottle of beer that they need to keep your knees.Setting a fairly easy: you need without using their hands placed on the ground to fill cups drink.The winner is the one who will do it quickly and with minimal losses.In addition to prize the players are allowed to drink from the cup filled with them.


If close to the location of the campers have a dirty pool, it is a sin to leave without proper attention.After all, there can be carried out ridiculous competitions for drunken company.For example, the game "will face in the dirt clumsy!".For this competition two of the participants linked hands behind his back.The conditions of competition is a task: using the arms and legs to push his opponent into the mud.And you can just throw in the dirt of any object, such as a huge key, calling it "the key of happiness" or golden key, and invite more participants to get his touch, pre blindfolded.

Dance with tights

be extremely funny dance competition, participation in which will only accept men.The attributes used as ordinary tights that the participants should speed to pull over - right on top of the pants.The second stage of the competition will offer to remove pantyhose.But not just so, and unusual.Let the party will give an example of the fair sex and music to portray how to make it sexy and feminine.Evaluated such competition by the loudness of applause.