Text Linguistics.

Text Linguistics in modern interpretation is the relevance of certain semantic categories of the text and those internal laws of construction, which ensure coherence.

This approach to the characterization of the text as a linguistic figure is not unique.

descriptive linguistics, the peak of which falls on the relevance of 1920-50-ies (the founder - L.Blumfild) - First of all, pay attention asemanticheskomu approach to the text.In this tradition, the text was considered as a set of semantic units is the identification of clear semantic connections between them.Pay more attention to structural construction.Hence the other name descriptive linguistics - structuralism.

Text Linguistics, considered in terms of relevant connections, allocates a special number of components such text as reruns.They can be lexical, grammatical, intonation, stylistic, etc.

Note: sometimes repeated in the text is considered to be a stylistic flaw.It should be noted that this is not always the case.In a speech, for example, scientific and journalistic nature, repetition can serve as the main core of the common semantic reasoning.

lexical repetition is the repetition of the same word, or single-root words.Repeat function may be different:

1. Designation large number of objects:

- For those villages, forests, woods, forests (Melnikov Crypt).

- circle on the platform crowded with people, people.

2. Quality Characteristics:

- But the most unexpected design were blue-blue walls.

- In the dark smoke, which went out of the pipe, seemed white and white.

3. Giving emotional color effects:

- Winter, extremely crude this year, does not end and ends.

definition of "linguistics" is not completely exhausted by language category, and such a thing as text linguistics, is due to the extensive communication philosophy, logic, and such subdivisions as sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, artificial intelligence, etc.

To text was understood by the reader or listener is important psycho-emotional communication, expressed verbally.

"Not everyone can be an excellent proposal, but each should be good." phrase belongs to the contemporary American writer Michael Cunningham.Paying great attention to the style of the text, he wrote: "Knowing how much effort and inspiration goes into writing a book, I can forgive the author a lot in the event that each line is good, and in its place, and the book is written with fresh, fascinating language, even if theythat the author used the same words that American writers have used a hundred years ago. "

It is, above all, on the expression of proposals expressed in the sense of its constituent components with respect to their psycho-emotional impact on the reader.

M. Sarton wrote in the Journal of Solitude: "Take your house, create peace and order around you, if you can not create it within yourself. By involving the reader in his personal world, advising how to escape from the captivity of the internal doubts, hesitation, confusion, feelings,worrying himself, the author makes to empathize with him. It may be expressed in a concise phrase: create order around, if you can not create it inside.

Cohesion (connectedness of the text) - just one of many categories that handles text linguistics. In turn,Each category is associated with certain terms: speech, text, sentence, etc. It should be noted that in view of its specific terminology text linguistics is still in the development.