Team building - what is it?

purpose of all life is reached: you are an owner and manager of a large fast-growing company has a huge customer base and reliable partners.It would seem, what more could you want?The only thing that worries - a team.All any uncollected, unsociable, often criticized, and because of this common cause of suffering.What is the reason?

History of Technology team building

About 30-40 years ago, successful managers and leaders of companies first started to think not just about productivity and reporting figures, but the factors that affect the success of the company.In particular, the American scientist Elton Mayo, known for his work on the psychology and sociology, conducted a number of studies and found that for the prosperity of businesses not only need to have clearly defined goals, but also to build a cohesive team with a common motivation and a desire to develop.Thus was born the system of exercises and games, aimed at creating a favorable climate within the team, which was called teambuilding.What it is?

structure, technology, and team-building task

most popular form of team building is considered to be business training.As a rule, it takes place in the office or any suitable place.For those who have not previously encountered with training, it seems a wonder.Naturally, they ask questions: "Team building - what is it? Why is it us?"Many employees do not understand the meaning of this event and accept such training as a good opportunity to take a break from work.It is important to explain to all the staff that training - the same kind of work.From the subsequent development of the internal relations between employees depends on efficiency.Let's understand what the problem poses a business coach, entrusted with the organization of team building.

  • Problem number 1 - the birth of trust.If you conduct a survey among the employees of any company, you can find out that most of them either do not know each other or know at the elementary level (hello in the office, out of politeness interested in the affairs of each other).It is necessary to create the basis for a trusting relationship between all employees.
  • Problem number 2 - the connection of all forces in a common experience for increased productivity.This task includes the transition from the individual to the collective.Every employee should understand that it works not only for the sake of personal income, but also for the overall success of the enterprise, and this, too, can benefit.The more successful a company is, the more prestigious to work in it, the higher the salary, do not you?The work of this organism can be compared with an anthill, where everyone knows their job and working toward a common goal.
  • Problem number 3 - laying the foundation of a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.Absolutely all of the staff should be a single organism.Imagine a team in the form of the human body.The head of the company (the brain) instructs the nervous system (managers), which in turn leads to job agencies (employees).

Down with dull office routine!

How passes teambuilding?Scenarios such training can be very diverse.Everything will depend on the capabilities of the company.Quite a large number of exercises designed for small office space.They all boil down to team work in solving some common tasks, such as unraveling the puzzle or build a puzzle.Traditionally one training is divided into three parts: the first - to welcome all participants, divide into teams;the second - the training itself;third - debriefing.That is exactly what goes teambuilding.Games for office training are selected based on the total area of ​​the premises and the number of participants.Below is a detailed look at the competition, which gladly take part even serious office workers.

Office teambuilding.Exercises to strengthen the communication skills and the development of cooperation

As already mentioned, the most suitable for the office is quiet but interesting exercise.These include the following tasks.

  • picture.Take reproduction of any work of art.It is desirable, not very well-known.The image is printed on a sheet of paper and then cut into small pieces.Team members offer to assemble a picture together.
  • in stages! The game is played a lot of his childhood at various events.Team members are arranged in the column one after the other.At a distance from the first numbers are sheets of paper.The coach says the first number they need to draw.At a signal from the first numbers run up to the leaf and begin to paint.According to team coach first numbers fade, and draw the second start.This latter will have to guess what figure they need to portray.
  • Confusion .All the participants stand in a circle, holding hands.The coach begins to "confuse" the hands of the participants.This can be done in different ways: through his closed hand climbing, passing beneath them, and so on. D. The problem of participants - to get out of the circle, without breaking with the hands.

around the office - by nature!

very popular in recent years become the commanding team building trainings, which are held outdoors.The forms of training vary from creative quest to search for "treasure" to hiking, kayaking or normal corporate forays into the forest.Teambuilding in nature - it is not just an excuse to have a great time with the team and get to know, but also a wonderful opportunity for improvement.What could be better than fresh air, combined with vigorous activities?It's much nicer to work even in the most ventilated office, is not it?

active pastime - nice and helpful!

What characterizes such a team building?Exercises for him are more sporting character.Implementation of these systems develops team feeling, helping them to acquire the skills command synchronous operation.Here are examples of such exercises:

  • Skiing .This requires two boards of the same length.Participants are all together on these boards, both on skis.Each holds a rope, which are threaded under the boards.Specifying the participants is to pass the specified route, while never touching the ground.
  • Libra. Hurdle is a wooden beam, arranged according to the principle of the swing.Members of one foot on board.And all need to keep a balance in order to "scale" does not touch the ground.Otherwise, the team begins to "weigh" again.
  • Related object .All the team members to connect with one foot rope total.The team will have to step over obstacles without knocking and without touching them.

Organization of team building in nature - a complex undertaking.It is necessary to appoint responsible for food, travel arrangements to the location, installation of tents (if necessary), and more.It is interesting that in the process of preparing the participants come together and get to know each other.

Exotic teambuilding.What it is and what it eats?

It is pertinent is the question: what it eats?After all, in recent years more and more popular winning culinary team building.During such training teams entrusted with the preparation of a multi-step meals.The participants themselves distribute responsibilities, learn to cooperate and communicate with each other.

Those who have already learned what a culinary teambuilding, note that this type of activity brings together all participants of the extraordinary, because during cooking is the time for peace talks, jokes and even songs.And if the result is a tasty dish, the training can be called a success!

colleagues, boss and me - happy family!

can not deny the tremendous benefits that brings the team teambuilding.Scenarios of this event is very varied, but in any case, they all have one main goal - creating a comfortable microclimate in the team staff.Everyone should clearly understand why there is team building, it is and what impact it has on relationships between colleagues.