How to draw a pencil soldier?

the question "How to draw a pencil soldier in stages?" Will help answer the basic principles that are used in the image not only soldiers, but also of other people, animals, fairy tale characters.These rules apply to amateur creativity.

  1. Stored pencil and eraser.
  2. head starts to draw a circle divided into four parts.
  3. Then attach the head to the body in the form of an oval, circle or rectangle.
  4. to the body dorisovyvat legs and arms.Most often they are represented using ovals.
  5. attach sketch the outlines of the body.
  6. dorisovyvat hands, legs and other parts.
  7. add missing small items of clothing, footwear.
  8. contours drawing, erase unnecessary circuits and decorate.

What used to draw

For quality image soldier must use a pencil.The following techniques of drawing suggests it is the presence of the subject at hand.When using paint or markers could not get a picture without the small parts may have to divorce.In the following methods will be described, how to draw a soldier in stages.

How to draw a pencil soldier

There are many ways on how to draw a pencil soldier.Gradually it will be described in one of the most simple option that shows enough simple scheme.Therefore, this task can handle everyone.Draw the best pencil, not much pushing it.Do this to the end of the work on the picture all the excess can be easily erased, leaving no trace.Any picture you need to start drawing and marking the outline contours.Portray soldier starts with the head.Draw an oval and from the two lines down so that it's a bit like a triangle.Further, several lower oval, draw a rectangle that will continue to serve as the body of the soldier.In the upper part of the housing shows two oval contours to be hand of man.Legs depicted as two rectangles, coming from the main figures - the body.

For most convincing oval to the left (hand) add one more oval so that it was inclined to the right.To the right oval (hand) and add another one.By foot soldier dorisovyvat also two oval.

How to draw a soldier with a gun?It's hard to do.We need to add some more elements.We attach features a soldier, add various details on its form.Check the sketch work, if all goes well, then draw out a felt pen drawing and pencil and erase the unnecessary lines.Finalizing picture color scheme.

Soldier in war

plot our picture may involve work on the whole action.For example, there is a fight.How to draw the military?Soldier gradually draws as described above.Especially need to pay attention to the image of different parts of the characters in the movie, which are in the foreground.First we need to make a sketch drawing.Next dorisovyvat other elements.Then add a line of wire and draw zones on the body of the soldier.At the end of the drawing shows the last finishing touches and, if necessary, paint the picture.

soldier Draw a line

following describes another way to draw a soldier pencil stages.This method is required, except for the pencil and eraser, ruler.Drawing starts with the head.We depict the circle and divide it into four parts.The circle will help us draw the right lines and shape of the face of man.Then we dorisovyvat headdress.To simplify the display body and clothing can be made with a ruler markings.So the first sketches executed bodies of soldiers.At the completion of the picture must be to finish in the form of small elements.If you wish, you can decorate the characters drawing pencil, markers or paints

most complex circuit drawing soldier

The following describes a method of how to draw a pencil soldier gradually to a more professional level.This requires a little more care, diligence and knowledge of the theory.The first thing you need to start drawing of a soldier is to define its position, facial expression, weapons.Perhaps this will help the military photos, memories.This will give the drawing greater reality and professionalism.After determining the content of the plot to begin to work.The basis can set a photo or toy.Draw soldier start with the basics.We draw the basic structure - the human body.Portray start with the head.We give it an oval shape, and draws a line in the axial cross.The outlines of the neck draw vertical and shoulders - broad lines for giving a courageous soldier type.The body was originally depicted as two large parts.Make a blueprint for hands and feet.Next, draw the chin.In the picture it can be rectangular.We put a human torso shape, paint and ears of the brow.Then displays the eyes and mouth along the dividing lines of the face.Complement figure cap, epaulets, stars, and other elements of the collar.Hand draws a line and add other elements, such as automatic.Dorisovyvat hand.We make the jacket, pockets and buttons on the form.Items must be drawn for a soldier or a machine gun.Depict army boots.Gently wash the centerline.Dorisovyvat person if necessary.